About Me

I am Jenny.  Wife to Jeff (celebrated our 8th anniversary in March), Mama to Wesley James (6 years) and Elliot Ann (2.5 years).  Living the dream, or at least the dream of a person who would prefer not to work outside of the home...I did corporate America for a spell and am so thankful to be able to stay home with my kids, to craft during the day, to read, to nap (on occasion, when I put a show on for Wes), to make delicious food for our family (at least 3 times a week..let's be real), and to have the time to blog about it when I can (which hasn't been that often these past few years.)

I'm am blessed beyond what I deserve and feel called to be a blessing to others, in any way that I can.  We have had our shares of trials but are currently in a place of deep blessing.  We waited over two years to get pregnant with sweet Elliot and she was definitely worth the wait. Praise God for our own growth in the waiting, despite the pain.  And prayers to God each day for grace in the daily challenges of raising two strong-willed children and for hope that never disappoints as we move past a miscarriage this past Fall and try to grow our family again...another leap of faith!

I hope to be defined by my devotion to God, to family, to friends.  I'd like people to know me as a pursuer...of life, relationships, beauty, and creativity.

Thank you for reading my little outlet!


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