Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blackberry Pickin' Wisdom

Tuesday night Jeff and I decided to pick blackberries. We weren't quite sure where to find them within walking distance from his house, but we just let our feet do the walkin' and our fingers do the pickin'.

Oh what joy when we found a blackberry vine poking through a neighbors fence (we musn't forget that I do live in Renton). This one bush led us down a path to a whole "clusternut" of berries...we made out like bandits!

I intend to make freezer jam with the blackberries we picked, but more importantly than that is the wisdom we "picked" up along the way.


1. What you don't know can't hurt you. Well, actually it can, but it hurts a lot less when you don't know it's comin'. (Lesson learned after Jeff told me a bee was flying up my skirt, luckily no one was injured)

2. Some say, "the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice." I say, "never underestimate a low hanging berry...all the sweetness runs to the bottom". That's gravity baby!

3. If there's juice on your hands there better be a pie in the oven.

4. Always have a pickin' partner, those bushes can be vicious. (I've got the scratches to prove it)

I'd love to hear any wisdom you might like to share, please feel free to post a comment.


CristieMaye said...

we used to have a huge blackberry bush in our back yard in wray. i would pick and eat, pick and eat, pick and eat. lesson learned: too many sweet blackberries can result in a sour tummy. (and the juice stains your clothes - i'd always get caught due to the evidence all over my clothes)

itstooearly said...

do not eat the blackberries that have the cool movable outer layer, because those are really just ants.

bryan said...

one time i ate blackberries.
man!.. that sure was a time to remind others of.

"pickin'" is actually spelled "picking"

jocymay said...

another great post J- thanks for the tips

patrice said...

don't pick the low hanging fruit, dogs have "misted" those...


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