Monday, August 21, 2006

Testing, one, two

Hello world...looks like I'm getting sucked into this whole blogging thing. I mean, you want to post to a friends blog and they make you go through all this trouble to do it. Fine, I give up. This is me, Jenny. (Please disregard the stuff caught in my teeth)


CristieMaye said...

nice picture! it really captures your true feelings about blogging...or not. i think you will be an exceptional blogger and i look forward to your posts. :)


Kristen said...

jenny! i'm so looking forward to your posts, because:

1. you are hilarious
2. you take beautiful photographs
3. your life is fun and full and it will be great to keep in touch a little bit this way
4. i know i'll be inspired by any posts you do involving craft/sewing/decorating projects
5. i love you

cheers to you and 'renton for life'!



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