Monday, September 25, 2006

Fall Extravaganza

Pictured above:
(top row) Lindsay, Dave, Rhoda, Kristen, Grover (the boston terrier)and Kyle
Chris, Rebekah, Simon (the baby), Chad, Bryan, Stephanie, Steve, Jeff, and Jim
Me, Jeff, Paula, Erina, Sinclair (the baby), and Patti
Velma and Hayes

(ugh, finally I'm not at work where it's too busy to blog. What's the big idea anyway?)

So, you're probably wondering..."what is a fall extravaganza?" or "why did I give it such a ridiculous name?" Well, I'll answer the second question first.

On the Friday before the FE I was talking with my coworker about my weekend plans and next thing I know the words just poured out of my mouth. They came out without any pre-thought (something I'm trying to work on) and so quickly in fact that I had no idea I said them. My coworker looked at me strangely and said, "what the heck is a fall extravaganza?" And that leads me to the answer to the first question.

Every year since I have been dating Jeff (it may have happened before 2 years 10 months ago)the Gough/Evans family celebrate a cluster of annual events. The first is the anniversary of marriage between Hayes and Velma Evans (Jeff's grandparents) who celebrated their 60th this year. The second, third, fourth and fifth are the birthdays of the following fine people...Kristen, Chris, Rebekah and myself ;). We exchange gifts, create memories, and eat amazing food. This year happened to be extra special because there was more family than usual. And more birthdays to celebrate..both Chad and Jim's!

The above picture represents the Evans/Gough/Weibel Family, less Julia who left early (sorry maybe we can photo shop you in).

I love you all and feel very blessed to be able to celebrate with you. Thanks so much for treating me like part of the family and for showering me with love and gifts ;).


jocymay said...

what a great picture!

Casey in Seattle... said...

Look at all the Goughs... ;o) So many. How fun!

itstooearly said...

hey, I remember that!


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