Thursday, September 14, 2006

Three's Company!

Looks like it may just be the 3 of us for Hood Canal this weekend. Myself, Jeff, and his brother Bryan. We're going to a cabin my parents own, I haven't been there in a year and am looking forward to it. Too bad the weather just took a turn for the worse...we may not be able to do the kyaking/hiking/general outdoor stuff that I actually enjoy doing at the Canal. (shocker, huh?)

Here's a photo of the 3 of us at a party (Dave's Birthday). We came wearing the same shirt (how embarrassing).

And, on another note...Bryan sent Jeff a forward today, which was then forwarded to me...he attempted to convince me to STOP blogging. Well, HA! I'm not only blogging but I'm bringing you with me - Bryan. Here are some more photos of Bryan and the gang.

And as a final can check out Bryan's BLOG by clicking on the Jonas link from my page. Gotchya!


Casey in Seattle... said...

Jenny! I am sooo bummed that I can't go to the cabin with you guys. Sigh. Figures only a day ago I said that I'd work for a girl this weekend. Ohhh well. One of these days we will all do something exciting.

By the way, would it be alright if Tom went for a day just by himself? Otherwise he's just sitting at home all weekend least one of us should have some fun. ;)

jocymay said...

How can I get my hands on a Republic t-shirt? Have fun in Hood Canal- oh the memories :)

Jenny said...

Casey- of course Tom can come...we would love it! (wish you were there too, but maybe another time). How nice of you to let him go it alone.

Jocelyn- unfortunately they're all out of the republic shirts. I asked for more when you wanted one and I also wanted to send one to Dan Sanvicens, but alas there are no more. I'll be sure you're 1st on the list when they finally make another one.

Kristen said...

cute pics you guys...I know bryan is going to love this.

jocymay said...

ok, well i look forward to the next installment of Republic t-shirts... gotta represent here in LA! i'm gross.

CristieMaye said...

i like your hair!! it looks really great...the red brings out your...eyes. :)

Casey in Seattle... said...

Hey Jenny! Tom told me he had a great time. Very relaxing. We will def. have you and Jeff over as soon as we move in.

By the way, Tom wanted me to get your recipe for something called a Dutch Baby? He said it was really good....if it's complicated you can just email it to me sometime. ;o)


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