Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dinner at the Park

Last night Jeff and I picked up some sandwiches and headed to Coulon (for those of you who don't know, it's a park at the southern most tip of Lake Washington). It was a beautiful evening and Jeff and I watched the seagulls, the people, and took photos of each other ;).

Poor little Jeff with the sun in his eyes. I love this man- he gave us a little scare last week with his heart, but I forgive him. ;) Please keep Jeff in your thoughts and prayers- he's a sweet boy with a long life ahead of him. Lord, give him the peace and energy to live it!

You can see Jeff's shadow in this photo- love it! Isn't my hair getting long? I'm considering chopping it all off..or growing it out more so I can donate it. Has anyone ever done this? How does it work?


Bree said...

Last summer I cut 20 inches off of my hair to donate to Locks of Love. 7 (a salon downtown) will do the job for free when you donate. The minimum donation is 10 inches and from that photo you could probably do it. They did a really good job. I think I am going to do it again once I have 10 inches to give.

Casey said...

I've taken about 14 inches off before, in high school. I got a crazy pixie cut. I cried for a week and thought I looked like my Grandma, but I eventually ended up loving it. I didn't know you could donate it back then or I would have... :)

Gosh, sorry to hear about Jeff and his heart troubles! Please let him know that Tom and I are praying for him.

Jenny said...

I just measured...it's about 10 inches from my head to the end. I'd have to get a buzz cut and I don't think I could live with that. Maybe I'll keep growing it and see where I'm at by Christmas.

Does it matter if you have layers? If it does..I think I'd have way too long to go. hmm, quite the dilemma.

Way to go Bree on the 20 inches- that's amazing!

Brianne said...

Jenny- what a fun night, good job getting out just the two of you. I love the shadow picture, good shot Jeff!
My first day of work was fantastic! I think my new office will be great and the doctors are very thorough and very big on education- so I will be learning tons!
Talk soon neighbor!

simonsenfamily said...

I love your hair long (saw it at Katy's Koren good-bye party). FYI: Coulon has movies nights on Friday. Bring a blanket and some refreshments. A band starts at 7:30 and the movie begins afterwards at dusk. I think this weeks film is the Italian job -just to be sure.

Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

Hi J--

I've donated-- just make sure you send in some money with your hair donation. I've heard locks of love has plenty of hair, but it costs quite a bit to make the wigs, so my salon suggested sending in a monetary donation with the hair.

BUT I think you should keep it long, because you have great hair, and it's one of the things Jeffy loves about you-- i remember that from your shower!

=) KD

La Dolce Vita said...

The photo with the shadow of Jeff is very nice! Ely and I made a very similar one 2 weeks ago in Corse, but only with our shadows on the sand. ;)
Maybe we'll post it on our blog so that you can see.

Oh, I am sorry to hear about Jeff's heart problems. I hope it's nothing seriuos, right?

Thank you for the nice comment on the Memory of Ely's grandmother post! (^-^)

Mandy said...

What's wrong with jeff's heart? I hadn't heard anything! Hope he's doing okay- I know how stressful that can be.

Kristen said...

sounds like a fun night, you guys. we love you both, and think these photos are great! you look gorgeous, jenny, in the evening light! :) xoxo, kristen

Rebekah said...

you look so beautiful in that picture Jenny! I love your hair long and have never actually seen it before - you know you have my dream hair :)...I also love that picture of Jeff, it totally reminds me of Chris. Those Gough boys have such thin eyelids, poor things. At least you can get Jeff to lay out with you...Jeff please don't scare us like that again! I am so glad that your heart is going to be fine.

Jocy May said...

you've inspired joey and i to go on a picnic tonight for dinner- thanks for the great idea :) as far as the hair cutting goes, i've become more attached to my hair as i grow older... donating it to make wigs is a very noble cause though. something for me to consider for sure. i love the picture of you- very feminine and romantic.


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