Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hello New Guest Room!

After getting such positive feedback on the bed (BTW, I LOVE this bed..I saw it at the Street of Dreams several years ago at the "Costco Home" decorated house. Who cares if it was in the little girls room? I had to have it!) I wanted to let you know it's still getting good use taking up 5/6ths of our guest room- this bed is seriously HUGE. Another interesting fact: I purchased this bed at Costco Home and had to return it immediately when we discovered it wouldn't fit in my brothers HUGE truck. I had kind of an "I want and Oompa Loompa now!" moment, and my Mom had my Uncle surprise me by picking it up the next day. Thanks Jerry!

We've already had a couple of guests since we put the room together: Scott and Bri, while they waited for their moving truck, and Jocelyn, who was interviewing at a Seattle based Ad Agency. Jocelyn will actually be staying again next weekend (is it weird that I haven't washed the sheets since the last time she stayed?) because she got the job and is moving up from Los Angeles! So exciting. I think it honestly might have had something to do with the bed ;)

Man, talking about this makes me want to curl up with a good book- any recommendations?- and take a nap. What is up with the weather lately? This is NOT what I expect from Seattle Summers. I'm just hoping it's nice this Saturday for a certain special baby shower I'm co-hosting...I'm getting really excited for it!

Oh, and while we're at it. Here's another bed in our house. This is mine and Jeff's room (can I just say that sometimes thinking about being married makes me absolutely giddy). I bought the curtains at IKEA over a year ago and was inspired to make the blue door headboard (still sitting in the garage). I bought the duvet cover at IKEA last month because I thought adding orange could be good and figured if we didn't like it I could always use it for the fabric because it was so cheap! I think it's starting to look a bit too bohemian, but I'm ok with it for the time being.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny--

I just had a feeling that you had put up a new post =)

The rooms look great!

Katie D

Kristen said...

beautiful, jenny!

it makes me so happy, too, that you and jeff are married. :)

at some point you'll have to take another photo when you get the blue door headboard hung. it's so fun seeing your ideas come together to make your home how you'd like it! i love all the details.

can't wait to see you tomorrow! love, kristen

Jeff said...

Yeah - please do post another picture when the headboards are done.

As far as recommended reading - the first third of the last 5 books I've tried to read are pretty decent. I never get further than that. Give me a call sometime!

simonsenfamily said...

I love the guest bed! Very good taste. Thinking of a way I can come over and sleep in it for a night.

I am so curious to see your home since you moved in - thanks for a glimpse of the Master. It's really pretty and warm.

amyrenee said...

NOT too bohemian. But, wouldn't do any more patterns. It would be to much like the last time we did mushrooms and we all know how that ended up.

I am excited to see your house coming together. I remember when I was up for Josh's wedding and we stayed with Jeff and you were (pre-wedding) telling me about your plans for the place. No doubt that you would make them happen some day. :)

Jenny said...

amy- if you're talking about chantrelles or morels then I'm with you, but let's be honest- we've never "done" mushrooms.

Wow, I think London must have really changed you. ;)

amyrenee said...

You say tomato, I say tomawto.

Jocy May said...

i'm catching up on the blogs- not having a computer for over a week was tough! i too love this bed- thanks for letting us stay in your guest bedroom! see you later tonight! yea!


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