Monday, March 24, 2008

Lessons Learned and Something Inspired

I got to spend the day taking care of her little rascal. He was such a joy! Eating well, napping easily, and grabbing the remote saying "dadadada". Ryan- how much time do you spend watching TV? Oh yeah, it's March Madness ;)

I did learn some lessons today, one with Sean and two when I got home.

The 1st- Always park near the playground! Sean and I went to Green Lake for a stroll and some time on the swings..I decided to park on the opposite side of the lake from the playground and let's just say the way back to the car was a sad one with me repeating...I just need to make it back to the car..are we there yet?

The 2nd- Never wash and dry a knit. I had intended on only washing my scarflet..but somehow it also sneaked into the dryer. I almost cried when I pulled out this pathetic shrivled little thing!

Anyone need an interesting coffee sleeve? I can't even really salvage the buttons...the paint chipped in the wash. :(

The 3rd- OxyClean really is an all purpose cleaner! After scrubbing our claw foot tub with Comet, to no avail, I went on a hunt for some bleach, but let's give OxyClean a shot! It worked like a charm getting out the dark stains that had been building up. Who knew?

And lastly, I was inspired by Katie's post about documenting some of the trees in her yard and so I've decided to join her. Below are the first signs of spring on an unknown tree in our front yard. I'm hoping more happens by next Wednesday...because Jeff and I will be away from home for a month and a half- we're going to Europe! So, Lindsay...will you take some photos for me?

I'm hoping to have a very productive week...there's a lot to do before our trip!


Lewy said...

Why sure! I'll do some arborial documentation for you while you're gone! :)

so sorry about your little scarf! It is always so sad when that happens to something you really like... :(

simonsenfamily said...

Where are you going in Europe? That's so great you get to stay for such a long time- a month! What inspired this trip?

Jenny said...

We're going on a Trans-Atlantic cruise for 17 days (Jeff doesn't love flying so looking into "cruising" is what inspired it) and then we'll be in Europe for 3 weeks! We'll go to Greece and make our way through Italy, France, Switzerland and England visiting family and friends along the way. It should be amazing and I plan on blogging as I go! ;)

Casey said...

So that's where you're going! :) Wow, I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time. Take lots of pictures so we can all pretend we went too! :)

Ryan & Katie said...

Sean had so much fun with you! And I am still learning lesson everyday about taking care of little ones :) That pic of his hands is the best. Have sooo much fun on your trip - maybe you will find another scarflet?!?!?! Thanks again (and Sean says thanks for the kiss).

Aleah said...

Have fun on your vacation!!
Great shot of the budding twig!

And your poor scarflet....
I'm sorry!


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