Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Night Owl

We arrived in New York at 4:30pm.. well, if we're being technical it was Newark, NJ- but it almost sounds the same! It was a warm night and we were getting hungry, that cheese omelet on the plane 4 hours earlier just wasn't cutting it, so we decided to explore the neighborhood and walked clear up to Greenwich Village from our hotel in the Lower East Side.

I was surprised at how safe I felt- I'm usually quite paranoid- but the city seemed quiet (apparently they don't start honking until you're trying to go to bed), clean, and welcoming. The shops stayed open until 8:00pm and all the restaurants were packed. Looked like it wouldn't be hard to find a great place to eat, but I did feel some pressure to choose "just the right one."

After walking in a huge loop, coming dangerously close to a "lack-of-food" induced break down we settled on Spitzer's (right next to our hotel) which boasts the best pickles since 1920- a little underdone if you ask me, could have used more time soaking up the yummy vinegar and salt- but I'm a savory person ;)

I'm beginning to love this city already....and we've only just begun to scratch the surface!


patrice said...

Do you plan on seeing a show? How about Rockefeller Square? Ground Zero?

The Courter Family! said...

Jenny! yes!!!! New York is pretty awesome-how did the flight go?
Anyway-If you do plan on seeing a show (maybe you already know this) you can get 1/2 price tickets the same day at a couple of locations-ask the hotel concierge about it! they should know :)
I'm so excited for you guys! keep the posts coming-I wanna feel like I'm there Jenny.

amyrenee said...

I am so glad you get to be on this kind of trip, JAG. Mostly because I know you are the type of person who will soak it all up and enjoy every minute.

I look forward to blog stalking you through Euro!

heather b said...

where are you staying?! i just flew back from NY at 4:45 p.m. on April 2nd. I was there for a week. I love the Lower East Side. Here are a few great restaurants to try overall:

Piccolo Angolo
621 Hudson St.
(Jane St.)
Manhattan, NY

Barrio Chino - Latin
253 Broome St
Manhattan, NY

156 E. 2nd St.
Manhattan, NY

If you want some shoes...Otto Tootsi Plohound was suggested to me and it's now my new favorite. I think they have multiple locations, but this is the one I went to (close to my hotel).
137 5th Ave.

Have a great time!!!!

heather b said...

oh, i forgot's across from the Rivington (which sounds like where you may be staying)

Inoteca - Italian (they'll need to translate the menu for you : )
Ludlow and Rivington.

Lewy said...

I hope you go see a play! I have heard raves about "August: Osage County"... it is 3 hours, but I have heard it feels like 1! I also recommend "Sunday in the Park with George" and "Spamalot".

Kristen said...

I am missing NY! your post brought back some great memories for me of walking around Greenwich Village with friends in the springtime... such a great city.

La Dolce Vita said...

Ely and I loved visiting New York! It's an amazing city...and we definetely want to visit it again one day!

If you can go to Ellis Island, you can find the original registers used to record the names of the immigrants, and you can even find your great-great grandfather Silvio's record. I did it, and it was such a feeling to be there and think about the efforts that our ancestors made to support their families in the hope of a better life. (^_^) about FAO Schwarz? I am big boy...and I love toy stores! Ely can't miss any Hello Kitty corners and shops in the world!!!!
I think we spent HOURS in the Sanrio store near Time Square. (^_^)

Jenny said...

Heather- where were you a day ago? ;) Inoteca had an hour wait and I couldn't handle not eating for another minute- seems like we missed out :( And you little detective, yes, we're staying at the Rivington- have you been?

heather b said...

i knew it : )
yes, i stayed at the rivington when i was in NY last fall. i really love how much energy is in that area of the lower east side...and the beds are comfortable. this time we stayed at the gramercy park hotel, which was nice, but i'd rather be deep in the lower east side.

it sounds like you're having a great time seeing the sights!! stay warm. ; )


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