Monday, May 12, 2008

Vive La France!

After our week and a half stay in Italy and a quick stop in Monaco we finally took the plunge and headed into the heartland of my paternal families heritage- FRANCE! Our first stop was in Grenoble to stay with my Uncle and reconnect with all my cousins who have had some very adorable children since I was last there 9 years ago. We truly enjoyed our time there, despite the slight language barrier (actually, we were encouraged to learn French and have every intention of starting a "French Club" when we return- anyone interested? The commitment is- learning French and getting together once a month for a French meal- where only French is allowed, naturally.)

My family was delightful and extremely generous. We were lucky to taste many fine meals and delicious pastries (courtesy of Eddy, the family pastry chef). Jeff was also the kids favorite since he never seemed to tire of playing football. I miss them all already and am looking forward to Karine & Jean David's visit next summer.

From Grenoble we traveled to Paris...and Bryan met us! It was nice to have a familiar, English speaking face to talk to. We all really love Paris (Bryan goes every Spring-starting last year) and were very impressed with their Metro system. I think I, personally, would have enjoyed Paris more if it came at the beginning of our trip...I'm finding that with so much to see one can get a bit burnt out. It was great, nonetheless, and I'm happy to say that I've been!

Uncle Charles and me

Watch out Joey! Those fries are HOT!

Ch√Ęteau de Vizille, one of the places the French Revolution started.

The kids in their play clothes...Spiderman, pirate, and tortue de ninja.

Looks like he's serious...

Our shadow in the Bastille gondolas.

My parents met in Grenoble- my Mom's living quarters were on the left and my Dad's on the right in the Olympic Village.

Michael, Joey, Mattis, and Jeremy

Karine & Jean David

Valerie & Eddy

The view from Karl & Valentina's backyard- breathtaking!

Valentina- she's pregnant and due in July!

Valentina & Karl

The Eiffel Tower

Les Invalides

Napoleon's Tomb

Bryan is here!

Making friends.

Bryan left his mark last April...on a bench near the Louvre. Still there!

The Louvre

La Gioconda (also known as the Mona Lisa)

Arch de Triumph

Notre Dame

Bryan & Jeff at Montematre- the last village in Paris.

Sacre Cours

Someone got pooped on...but I'm not saying who...

My favorite Parisian beverage.


Jeff G said...
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bryan said...

Hey Jenny, these photos are great! Thanks for sharing them and keeping us all up to date on what you guys have been doing! It sure looks like a lot of fun! I'm jealous!

Ryan & Katie said...

me too!

Casey said...

wow, I think I like these photos best so far! :) France looks amazing. How fun that you were able to meet up with some familiar faces!

Brianne said...

Bryan you are RIDICULOUS!
Jenny- you look amazing- well rested and tan ;-)
Jeff- we got your postcard- thank you- and we will guard the Ballard docks ;-)

Kristen said...

jenny, i'm so so sorry about the poop in your hair, on your bare shoulders. way to be a good sport with the documentation of that moment!

paris looks great...and so does your family. these are wonderful photos of your time in france.

we can't wait to see you guys this week!!

itstooearly said...

"Oooo Jenny?! Jenny! Bryan! Jeff? Jeff? More JEff? Mario? Mario Kart? Mario Kart?" - Simon

La Dolce Vita said...

It really looks like you had a great time in France!
Glad to see you met your relatives...and could communicate in some way!

amy said...

your photos are amazing! it's great to get a glimpse of all you've been able to see. and seriously, i'm in for the french club! i've been wanting to (and telling myself i will) learn french for a long time now. i took a few years of it in high school and always wish i knew more. i'm currently reading the unabridged version of "les miserables" and having a better understanding of it sure would help right about now!

oh yeah, it's also fun to see pictures of things i've been reading about in a book that was written over 150 years ago!

hope the remainder of your trip is as grand as the rest.

simonsenfamily said...

Looks like an amazing trip! I am so happy for you guys (and Bryan). I think the travel bug just bit me again...

CristieMaye said...

i love this post. it captures the moments you had in france very well. nice work.

a little bird once told me that it is good luck to get pooped on. this will be a great year for you! (but again, my source was a little bird)

vive la france!


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