Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Birthday Lunch

I spent today with two of my favorite Mom and my Mother-in-law ;)

We had a busy day of breast pump shopping, Cheesecake Factory dining, and kitchen/home store browsing.

Thanks for a wonderful day. I promptly took a nap when I returned home, but managed some gardening afterward. Let me just mention that pulling weeds is so gratifying when the ground is wet from rain- they come out so easily!


amyrenee said...

That is the BEST time to weed.

I took out this massive, nasty ivy patch -- home to the mosquito breeding colony of the century -- in quick quick style after a big rain in D.C.

I'll never weed any other way... :)

Prince said...

I definitely miss weeding in Washington. It's lost most of it's joy here in San Diego because it never rains so it's never easy. But I've built some great muscles, though!

It's such a blessing to have two great mothers at your side. And what a daughter!


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