Sunday, October 05, 2008

He's Back!

Jeff is back from 4 nights in San Diego. A little business and a little fun, I wish I could have gone with him to visit with Jane and the Hansens. Maybe next time, and with a baby!

Whenever Jeff and I have been separated and see each other at the airport for the first time we have kind of an "awkward" moment. It's like, "who are you?" and we can't get silly little grins off our faces. I can't quite explain it, and this time was no exception, but it was lessened a bit. Almost as if I knew the answer, "you're my husband!" Anyway, I think it's funny and now we sort of expect it and almost get nervous about it.

I'm just glad he's back, I was starting to go a bit nutty. Love you babe!


Pat said...

Is Jeff's wedding ring getting loose?

Shauna said...

That's super cute!

Prince said...

thanks for letting him come and play with me. it was nice to have such a dear friend that's so easy to spend time with. i missed you and kept thinking you were going to jumped around the next corner and surprise me that you were really there. i'm still looking for you. the ichat was great though...that was a first for me and i loved seeing you.


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