Tuesday, October 28, 2008

She Bakes and She Burns

I had some overly ripe bananas in the fruit bowl and a bag of frozen bananas in the freezer...so, what to do? Banana Bread!

I modeled these after the America's Test Kitchen version but since I was out of walnuts and didn't have plain yogurt I substituted pecans and sour cream- it worked out nicely! And of course I added chocolate chips...because it needed it! I used Guittard chocolate chips- they are the best (and sold at Safeway).

Oh, and as for the burning...I totally burned myself on hot butter when I made dinner...you can see the splatter marks on my skin. Maybe I'll post a photo tomorrow :(


Elena said...

Sorry about your burn jenny, :( but your banana bread looks good! Hope you heal quickly. :)

amyrenee said...

Isn't that a Ricky Martin song?

" She Bakes! She Burns!"

Brianne said...

Ouch! Make sure to keep the area clean and put neosporin on all the little spots, so they heal quicker and don't get infected.

Jocy May said...

amy- you are too, too funny! banana bread was delicious- thanks jenny- sorry you had to suffer for the goodness.


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