Sunday, November 23, 2008

Home is Where the Wesley is...

Jeff and I have gone "off-campus" together twice now. We've been able to run home between feedings and get a couple of things done around the house- mail, laundry, watering plants, getting more supplies, etc. The first time we returned to Northwest I said, "We're home!" and then I asked Jeff if he knew why I said that...and we both agreed...Home is where the Wesley is- our heart.

We feel very blessed to be able to have a room here at the hospital. It's not what we expected when we found out we were expecting, but it has its advantages. Here are a few of the things that are wonderful about being here:

- We get to be as near to Wesley as possible and can visit the little bud whenever we please. (Beyond our 3 hour feeding schedule that usually takes a little over an hour each time)
- Jeff and I have been able to spend a lot of time together- we feel a great sense of "we-ness"- we're in this together and we're both responsible for our son's care.
- There's a sense of community with the nurses that I didn't think would exist- they are all great; helpful, friendly, experienced- the best kind of babysitters ;)
- Friends and family have been so generous with offering to run errands and bring us meals and NW has a great policy of endless visiting hours.
- NW does the laundry (not our clothes, but a clean towel every shower sure is nice).
- We feel like we're in college again and that this is some sort of dorm- in fact, when Katie and Mark had the great Isaiah we were in the nursery and got to go see him right away and visit throughout the day. It was great to be just down the hall!
- By the time we leave here we'll feel very confident taking care of our son...and we know they won't let us leave until he's ready- we're so anxious for that day!
- Recovering from a C-Section seems much easier in the hospital, WITHOUT stairs. I hope to be nearly healed, as well, before we head home.

See? It's not so bad!

Here are some photos of our room. BTW, Jeff is working on editing a video of Wesley's latest bath...stay tuned!


amyrenee said...

You are right, hospitals don't have to be "scary" places when you realize that you're all working towards the same goal.

But, I still like your house better. :)

Praying for Wes' triumphal arrival to his new room.

Elena said...

Jenny you have such a positive way of looking at things, how wonderful. Looking forward to Wes' arrival in his new home. Hey, now we know how to get to your house!See you soon. Love, The Boldrin Bunch

Mandy said...

So crazy to see those pictures, Jenny. That's the room I stayed in for a week with leta, too. It all came flooding back when I saw these pics. What a blessing, huh- to have that room. I thought so too. And I LOVE the nursing staff there! love them!
hey, random quesiton. I know you have your hands full, but whenever you have time- would you mind emailing me? I lost all of my email contacts this week & had something to send you, but couldn't find your email address.
Hope little Wesley gets to come home to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Kikou Jenny, Jeff et Wesley,

Felicitations, mais j avais demande a Meme Pat de faire la commission.
Il est vraiment mignon et j ai bien aime voir son bain en video c est super, c est une petite puce, mais deja il s accroche bien aux doigts a sa sucette trop cool.
Bisous a vous 3 et bonne continuation dans votre nouveau role de Papa et Maman.

Christine et Pascal

katie on the front porch said...

joce and I are going to try to come visit you tomorrow night-- i haven't seen your room yet! you're right about the dorm feel-- I LOVED seeing you guys right after Isaiah was born and having you stop by throughout the day. hopefully, we'll do as much "stopping by" once you are home and we're all in the same neighborhood!

PS-- tell Wes that he beat Isaiah to the first bath (besides the one he got right after he was born)-- Isaiah has so much to learn from his older buddy. Perhaps we will show him your instructional video first!

Jeff G said...

Don't worry everyone! I've taken the time to translate the above comment using Altavista's Babelfish translation tool. Here is the English version:

Kikou Jenny, Jeff and Wesley,

Congratulations, but J had request has Meme Stalemate to make the commission. It is really nice and J have well likes to see its bath in video C is super, C is a small chip, but already it S hangs well to the fingers has its too cool lollipop. Kisses has to you 3 and good continuation in your new role of Dad and Maman.

Christine and Pascal


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