Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Weekend Showers...Bring What?

A small blog break after 1 full month of blogging (i purposefully didn't commit myself to that, in writing, on the blog, because I didn't want any accountability- but I'm so happy I made it).

This past weekend I had a wonderful shower thrown for me by my Mom (and helpers Paula and Lenzi) in our home. Many of my family members haven't seen this little house we've been living in for nearly a year and it was a great chance for us to be together in this space. I was blown away by their love and generosity- thanks to all who were here and sorry to those who couldn't make it. We missed you!

Here are a few highlights, more pictures can be found on my Mom's blog.

A blanket, lovingly crafted, by Mom- I really was amazed and touched.

Angela and Sharon

I feel like this is all I did- eat, eat, eat!

Lenzi, Lee, Shannon, Cathy, and Brooke- working hard on their baby bingo answer sheet.

Weekend showers also bring...disaster. While Jeff was showering Sunday evening (thank goodness it wasn't Saturday morning) the curtain rod finally ripped from the ceiling. Luckily I was brushing my teeth and was able to witness the hilarious event that left Jeff...well, standing in the middle of all of this in his birthday suit. The other best part? The glass windows are only frosted on the left side- I never got around to doing the other half. ;) Anyway, we're in quite a dilemma...the ceiling has been a bit destroyed and it's not the right drywall anyway...so we're trying to figure out how to repair it all. For now, we're showering at the gym!


Rebekah J Designs said...

HYSTERICAL about the shower curtain. I hope it's not too much of a disaster or struggle to fix though.

Elena said...

I was just telling Lindsey about your unique shower and then this happens. Hopefully the repair will be easy.

Pat said...

Could you install a large walk in shower in the basement and just have the tub upstairs?

Rebekah said...

oh no, funny story though! Is it lath and plaster? we have that in the front of our house (pre remodel area) they used it before drywall and it is kind of a nightmare. Let us know if you need help and you can always shower at our house too!
The shower looks lovely!

Rebekah said...

I mean the baby shower of course :)!

Prince said...

poor Jeff. it reminds me of the time he dressed up as a shower and then had to defend your honor by trying to fight a group of karate brats but then had to be saved by Mr. Miagi. Oh, wait...was that Jeff?

Jenny said...

jane- that WAS jeff...and we were lucky enough to get that on tape. maybe we should watch it sometime?

alisha said...

Ha ha! That's hilarious. Such fortune you were there to witness it as well.


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