Thursday, December 11, 2008

Murder of Crows

Last week we heard quite a ruckus outside the window...and what did we find?

Legend has it that a stork delivers newborn babies to their home but who knew that in America a Bald Eagle is sent to protect it? Apparently the crows aren't too keen on this idea.

Wesley should feel very safe...look at those talons!

Wait, come back!  Wesley needs you!


kristen said...

those photos are incredible! such an amazing sight to see.

Jocy May said...

wow- that's incredible!!

Brianne said...

I hope his nest is nearby, and he eats the pigeons ;-)

Lewy said...

wow!! that's so amazing... the closest we come to wildlife down here in LA is the occasional coyote or german shepherd in our yard, or a squirrel scratching at our bedroom window. i'm sure a bald eagle is much more impressive--especially so close up!

amyrenee said...

Holy Crap!

Is this a Harry Potter like sign for Wes?

Mandy said...

Wonder how the pigeon house across the street felt about this :)

Matt and Joey said...

I've been seeing lots of bald eagles here in the Skagit Valley. It's crazy, I'll be driving down a farm road and see one perched at the top of a pine tree or diving into a field. I see hawks everywhere too. I've been meaning to write a little piece about it, but never thought to snap a shot. These ones are gorgeous.


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