Thursday, December 11, 2008

Office Party

Tuesday, Dec. 2nd was Jeff's office party AND Wes' first appearance to most of Daddy's co-workers. It was fun, a bit nerve wracking since the pediatrician had said to use our "best judgement" on office parties. Which is why Wes spent nearly all of his time in the Moby (see photo below)!

I was quite impressed by how "into" decking the halls the TNS employees were and even more thrilled that people embraced the craft idea- polaroid ornaments!

Notice our lovely sweaters!

Adam and his brother, Scott- surprisingly they're not twins!

The 14 foot tree...Jeff's pride and joy.


Rebekah said...

it was so fun and I am glad you used your best judgment and brought Wes and let Aunt Rebekah hold him, he was my highlight for sure! Your sweater was a close second especially when you got a piece of that fuzzy stuff in your mouth - ha ha!

Prince said...

i'm sorry i missed the sweaters. i would have loved to pose for portraits. i would have loved to laugh with Rebekah as you got fuzzy stuff from your sweater in your mouth. and...the best part of all...i would have asked Wes to dance.

amyrenee said...

Wes' coming out party... I imagine him looking at this picture as a teenager and thinking one of two things:

1) My parents were such nerds, why were they wearing those sweaters!

2) My parents were so cool, they were wearing ironic sweaters!

We'll see how he turns out. I have a feeling it will be the latter.

Casey said...

what a fun party! :)

Elena said...

Looks like fun. Wes is so cute.
Cool sweaters:)

La Dolce Vita said...

Hi guys! We just made a catching up with blogs, because we were in Germany visiting friends and Christmas markets in Munich for the weekend...and we weren't updated...but we were really impressed by your "ironic" sweaters and couldn't NOT leave a comment!! ;)

We are sure Wes will love his 1st photo with his parents at Christmas. It's soooooooo tender. What a lovely little family! ;)


-Mario and Ely

Rachel said...

I LOVE the sweaters and the cute pics of your little family below this post. The Finch brothers look like they're out of a movie--a cheesy one. :)

I've missed you guys! See you soon?


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