Sunday, January 11, 2009

Afraid to Leave the House

With the flu running rampant in our family (and beyond) we're a little worried about leaving the house...

We're still healthy, a little sleep deprived, and experiencing some slight cold symptoms and a little one who hasn't pooped in a couple of days (scratch that, as I typed this I think I heard little Wes fill his pants- what relief); but overall doing great!

We feel horrible for our loved ones who have come down with what seems like the most contagious flu I've ever heard of. So, we hope you understand if we send our well wishes from afar- we just can't risk getting sick this year.

*And on a health risk note: I was reading up about the Norovirus on the CDC website and it seems like you could be contagious for as long as two be careful!*


Elena said...

I'm sorry Jenny. I have a few friends who have come down with that. So far we are healthy (knock on wood).
Wes is so darn cute. We all need to get together again soon. I feel that grandmotherly need to hold a baby. :)

Shauna said...

I'm afraid to leave the house for fear of passing this on.. :( I was sad I didn't get to see you yesterday though!

Casey said...

can't blame you for not wanting to leave he house! that bug sounds nasty. :P we actually had the norovirus so bad here in town at the local college that they had to shut it down for a week.

Brianne said...

Shauna- Do you have gastroenteritis too???

Jenny- Good plan staying in...and keeping your family healthy!

Shauna said...

Bri, no flu here - it's a lung issue for sure. But I still don't want to spread it. ;)


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