Sunday, February 22, 2009

How's he sleeping?

This is a question I get a lot...and I've also realized then when I ask Moms who are passed the infant stage they often tell me they don't remember and they never wrote it down. So, I'm killing two birds with one stone!

Wes has definitely settled into a nighttime routine and it's been wonderful anticipating the amount of sleep we can "count" on.

-I feed him one last time before putting him to bed anywhere between 8:30-9:30
-I go to sleep around 11:00
-Jeff feeds him between 12:30-1:30 and then he goes to bed
-Wes will usually sleep until 4:00-5:00 before he gets a bit fussy
-I then put his binkie in and try to get him to last until at least 6:00 before getting out of bed (he sleeps in a moses basket beside our bed)
-He can usually make it to 6:00 "assisted" and has even fallen back to sleep until 6:40 a handful of times
-I feed him and he's back in bed by 7:00 and so am I!
-He typically can sleep "unassisted" until 8:30, but I "assist" him (thank you binkie) until about 9:30
-At that point I pull the little rascal into bed and Jeff and I enjoy his happy demeanor- 30 minutes of talking and smiling- one of my favorite moments of the day
-By 10:00 we're all up and at 'em!

Pretty soon we're going to see if he can sleep until 4:00ish after his 9:30 feeding and then perhaps he'll go one more 4 hour chunk and we can start the day around 8:00 (10:00 is a little ridiculous, but it's certainly working for us for the time being!)


Aleah said...

OH...I remember!

That's great that Jeff can give Wes a bottle so you can have a longer stretch of sleep.

Sleep is sooo nice!

Rebekah said...

yeah I remember too - he he..and just so you know we still "assist" Levi three times per night, thank you binkie so I get really freaked out when people ask me "when are you going to take that away?"...and Simon got up four times last night "un-assisted" and I found him once completly undressed in bed around eleven because he had to go potty. :) I know you didn't ask for our routine, sorry..enjoy the consistency!

simonsenfamily said...

Ohh.... I remember those days. Good thing your blogging it because we do forget. I think it's the lack of sleep that makes our memories go. Blake was up every 2 hours until he was 9 months old. I am happy to say he sleeps through the night since age 1.

Jesse said...

Hi Jenny,

Glad to hear your little guy is getting adjusted to a schedule of sorts - and 10 am sounds fine to me!!

I wanted to ask - I'm looking for someone to do my hair and bmaids hair for my wedding in July in Snohomish (looking from Indiana is hard!) and i was wondering if you had anyone to recommend or suggest, as you went through the wedding process not too long ago..

Wes is adorable and you guys look like you're doing great!


Brianne said...

Who says 10am is ridiculous? I love hearing your little routine,and am anxious to watch this little guy grow!


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