Thursday, February 26, 2009


I kind of can't believe all the snow we've gotten this season...I mean it's Feb. 26th for crying out loud! This reminds me that two years ago it snowed on our wedding freaked me out then too!

At least it's not going to spoil the Mommy Movie playdate I have planned today...He's Just Not That Into You...should be fun!

Hope you stay warm today, perhaps stay cozied up with a movie?


Rebekah J Designs said...

I'm so jealous of your play date! Those are a thing of the past, sadly.
I miss them. You boy looks like such a fun spirit. The faces he makes kill me. Watch out Jim Carrey.

Rebekah said...

enjoy the movie playdate - don't think my boys would be allowed in there for that one :)..remember last year we got snow on April 1st, craziness!!

Pat said...

I'm a chicken in the snow - I canceled my appointment in Bellevue at 12:30 today. I should have looked at your Wesley post earlier as I just posted the same photo of Wes - too cute and funny not to post in 2 places. (Now you see what I do with Wesley while you're away...)

lindsey said...

what's a mommy movie play date? my friend and i had a "girls night" and saw he's just not that into you... it is soooo good! enjoy!

Jenny said...

Lindsey, I'm glad you asked...

There's a theater in Bellevue that plays movies at 10:00am for Mom's and babies (the movies are for the moms). The lights are turned up a bit and the volume down and they have servers bring the concessions to YOU! It was great and the crying babies didn't bother me a bit.

I think we're going to make a habit out of if anyone can join us! I do think it wouldn't be that possible with babies that can walk...but there were some talkers and some kids that sat on a blanket on the floor. Whatever works!


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