Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter Weekend

Wes flew into the Saturday Easter egg hunt like the cute little Super Baby he is...but the poor thing missed all the excitement because he was hungry!

Does that happen to other nursing Moms? Do you feel like you miss everything because you're in the other room nursing? Part of me feels this way, especially since Wes gets so distracted now I can hardly feed him in public.

Anyway, it was quite an eventful weekend...and since I'm in the mood to catch up on my blogging I couldn't let some of these little gems go without posting.

Flying with Daddy's help!

Claire and her cute bunny ears- I won poppy seeds, the kind you plant, not eat.

Bri and Will...Bri, you truly look fabulous!

Sylvia tasting her bounty.

"Hey Will, you're kind of cramping my style...same outfit!" (Little did Wes know, the parents planned it.) But seriously, look at that nice boys!

Easter morning...our little man!

I think Wes was surprised to find out that cousin Miles is already bigger than him.

Campbell, tickling the ivories.

The kids really seemed to enjoy "Finding Nemo."

"Who's that guy?"

Wesley by night ;)

I know Easter has long since gone, but I hope everyone had a good one...maybe time spent with family and friends...but hopefully a moment spent reflecting on the gift God gave us by sending down his son to die for our sins so that we may live. He is risen!


Aleah said...

Those are great pictures (and commentary ; )!
I love his bow tie, handsome fellow!

Rebekah said...

awesome post, Wes is so cute in that tie I love it!..

Prince said...

I always loved a good Chip n dale dancer!

Jocy May said...

Wesley is so expressive- I love it! I'm so happy I get to see him on a regular basis- it's amazing how fast all these little guys are growing and changing! hope we get to a mani/pedi soon- lame that work messed up our plans!

Matt and Joey said...

Little chippendale dancer huh?

Love it!

Miss you guys. Hope you're well.

Casey said...

Great to see what you guys have been up to! :) Love love the bow tie, so cute!

Angela said...

oh seriously Jenny! I missed EVERYTHING that happened in my life for years b/c of nursing! My boys were non-stop nursers and I always had to go in the other rooms b/c they were easily distracted. I remember thinking to myself that I would LOVE to sit mindlessly at the kitchen window doing dishes and listening to everyone talk instead of nurse all the time! But now that it's over I long for those days again...I miss nursing so very much ;-) Hang in there! These moments go unbelievably fast...

Brianne said...

Jenny, what a great post, thank you for your sweet complement! It was great seeing you today- we should try to get together again soon.

amyrenee said...

I think Simon looks like Chris Martin.

Rebekah? What you been up to... :)


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