Wednesday, August 12, 2009

bath, check. bags packed, check. groceries purchased, check. early to bed...we're getting there!

"how cliche can you get?"- Jeff asked me this as I typed. i'm sure i can get a lot worse, don't ask!

hoping to have updates on here of our fun family vacation, this could not have come soon enough...Wes has been teething, maybe? and also suffering from a tiny cold. this makes for long days for mommy...but he's so darn cute, it's hard to resist him.

wish us luck on our LONG car rides- this could be interesting!


alisha said...

How fun! Where are you guys going??

Casey said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip Goughs! :) And I hope that Wes forgets about his cold (and teeth) while on the trip so you guys can have some fun and relaxation.

Brianne said...

Jenny I hope your trip is fantastic! It will be great to be with family and Wes will get to have some extra attention from all his aunties, uncles and of course grandma and grandpa!

Will has been acting weird the past few days too- maybe it's the weather?

Lewy said...

Have a great trip!! Safe travels to you all.

G2 said...

These pictures of Wes are BEAUTIFUL. You are really talented Jenny!


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