Wednesday, September 02, 2009

9 Month Check Up

Before I get too far ahead of myself I want to document a couple of things. Before our vacation Wes had his 9 month check up and I finally finished his quilt!

9 Month Stats:

Height: 28in. (50th%)
Weight: 18lb 4oz (10-25th%) (in his defense we were eight days ahead of his actual 9 month birthday...I think he could have been solidly in the 25th%- but that's just me!)
Head: 45.5cm (50th%)

He's really coming along...and is exhibiting quite a personality.

He scrunches up his face now when he smiles, it's cute, bordering on angry (and by that I mean my Dad said he looks like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the final scene in Ghostbusters- which, by the way, I'm very impressed that he remembers.)

He screeches...sometimes to play (seen here) but mostly to get more food...the kid LOVES food and has really been enjoying feeding himself...which has now become dangerous, for example...Monday night we went to dinner at Olive You (good eats, but the best part was their brie appetizer- I highly recommend it)...anyway, we ordered an olive starter and had to spit the pits out in our thing I know Jeff is asking me if I took his napkin, and me, two napkins in hand wonder, "did I take his napkin?" but then I spot them...2 little olive pits sitting on the corner of the table and I realize that Wes must have grabbed Daddy's napkin...and then I say, "Oh my gosh, he could have totally put one of those pits in his mouth!" (pan over to Wes- see a large green pit dancing around on his tongue- that little rascal!) Looks like we have to keep a better eye on him- yikes!

Oh, and he's been going down for bed like a champ, which is always nice...but I still nurse him at least once between 4 and 7...we'll get there eventually!

And I should probably let you in on a little secret...he started crawling about two weeks into our trip and now it's so much fun watching where he wants to go and seeing him interact with other little kids. We are truly blessed to have so many friends with babies around his age- this is going to be fun people!

(oh geesh, while i was typing this Wes was crawling my direction...but he got side-tracked, and then I saw him chewing...i guess he's better at picking up after himself than i am...he was eating green peas off the floor, from YESTERDAY!)


Rebekah said...

Jenny I love this update and your little boy SO MUCH!! Wes is the cutest little baby and the smiley scrunchy face he makes is the best!!

better look out though sounds like he is going to be "up to somethin" as Simon likes to put it and make sure he doesn't take after big cousin Levi, he swallowed those keys at this age..

oh and that video of him screaming is hysterical I love it!

Kimberly said...

Wes really is insanely cute! I loved how in the kid crazy atmosphere he can lean forward and demand attention- with that super cute smile. It definitely looks like he's scheming something and I guess with both his parents he can't really help it!
PS: Welcome home! Hopefully it's been nice to be back?

Casey said...

What a beautiful quilt! :) I love the color combo.

And how fun that Wes is's exciting and frustrating at the same time (with all the baby-proofing). Perhaps get a dog to take care of those stray peas before Wes gets to them? ;)

Brianne said...

Jenny- you are so talented! Your imagination is astounding- each of the quilts you have made are unique and filled with such detail and love.

Wes melts my heart every time I see him...or just a picture of him! Can't wait to see you two tomorrow :0)

Kristen said...

i just want to chime in here with more of the same: such a great update, jenny. and wes--he brings so much joy to all of our lives; he really has the best personality...and looks, too! :) and this quilt for wes is so, so fun. i love you, and i think you're an amazing mom to that little boy of yours!

La Dolce Vita said...

Great quilts, Jenny! We love your works very very much! ;)

Little Wes sounds like he's starting to explore and pick everything he can find (eatable or not!). Last month I was with Ely and my 3 cousins (Davide, 9, Eleonora,6, and Daniele, 1 and 1/2)...well, we were in my grandparents' garden and our cat distracted me a second. In a moment I couldn't see Daniele anymore (how fast babies are?!?) and I found him eating berries from a little bush...fortunately it was only cranberry and nothing venemous!!! ;)


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