Monday, January 11, 2010

10 on 10 :: January :: Half..Again

I didn't feel inspired this month, but then I looked at everyone else's photos and saw how incredible this project I'm posting my 5 photos that I took...and I doctored them up to make me feel a little bit better about them. I used the camerabag application that I downloaded for my mac. Jane went to church with one of the makers!


Shauna said...

That first one is super cute. What a big boy Wes is!! My goodness, we really need to set up a play date. If only I didn't work right now. :(

Kristen said...

i love these shots, jenny. and i really like the photobag effects. so glad you shared your photos from yesterday... i always look forward to seeing the life you capture through your lens on the tenth!

Rebekah J Designs said...

Jenny- thanks so much for posting the camera bag application. I am so jelous everytime I look at your blog that you keep it so nice, well posted, and that your photos looks so amazing. I adore the rounded corners!! It's such a sweet feel to your blog. I was feeling inadequate. BUT NOW! I might be able to be a cool blogger like you! Lol. When are we getting together! Luka will certainly encourage Wes to walk!

Rebekah J Designs said...

could I have any more typos in that last comment, sheesh.

Rachel said...

I really really like these! Especially the up-close-and-personal one of Wes. Makes me want to give the little buddy a hug!!

Hope to see you soon!!


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