Wednesday, February 03, 2010

When He Was a Little Boy...

...he ate live slugs, for fun. (not pictured)

...he nearly won the physical fitness test for his entire grade school but claims he lost because of reverse discrimination (the winner was a tiny gymnast that only beat him in flexibility- he won in speed & strength).

...he could type the alphabet in under 3 seconds with only 2 fingers.

...he and his cousin buried a dead squirrel up to its neck and hid in the bushes to watch people's reactions as they approached it on the trail.

...he trained his dog, Scout, and claims his children will be well behaved due to his superior training skills.

...he got suspended twice in the 7th grade- once for fighting and once for truancy.

...he sucked a binkie until age 4. His parents refused to buy more and he finally became so disgusted that he threw it away on his own. His Mom promptly took the garbage out and it was a good thing too because he began rummaging through it several hours later.

...he shared a bunk bed with his brother, Chris.

...he was voted "class clown" in both middle and high school...he's not particularly proud of this because he considers most class clowns to be of the "party-guy" type...which he isn't!

...he first dunked a basketball at age 14.

...he took the liberty of painting the neighbor's house including their windows, sliding glass door, and new redwood picnic table.

...he caused a scene on a field trip to the state capitol when he asked a congressman for an autograph and accidentally snapped the man's finger in his clipboard.

...he had a paper route for 2 years, his Dad rolled the papers for him every morning.


Rachel said...

Jeffy, you're awesome! You have one of the best "resumes" I've ever read! Happy late birthday to a smart, funny, and genuinely kind hearted guy!!

Kimberly said...

Interesting! I love it. Very nice tribute Jenny!

Hmmm, who could that squirrel burying cousin be?

katie on the front porch said...

love that you wrote this jenny! those pics of jeff are adorable-- can't wait to see what sort of antics wes gets into. hopefully isaiah can be his partner in crime...

hope you're feeling better!

Kristen said...

even though i've heard many of these awesome stories before, i was still laughing out loud picturing jeff as a boy in these scenarios. jeff, you are quite a guy!

i love how you wrote these out with the photos, jenny. so great! i love you guys!

Rebekah said...

oh my word this is so awesome!! snapped his finger in the clipboard??

ha ha

Looking forward to what Wes and his cousins get themselves into because Lord knows with the track record of this family it is going to be amazing! I feel this could become a weekly installment Jenny :).

Rebekah said...

ps. what is Jeff eating in that first picture?? and is that Bryan in a sailors hat?? so awesome!!

Shauna said...

That's rad. Jeff is quite a silly guy - thanks for the giggles this morning. :) I can just imagine them burying that squirrel and waiting for people to pass by and see it. Too funny.

Brianne said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I love Jeffy!

La Dolce Vita said...

Nice post Jenny! Now we know more about Jeff!!! ;)

When he was a baby he really looks like the first sight I thought he was Wes!!!!!

And look at him with that gracious blond hair style. I had quite the same style/color at his age!!! ;))

Prince said...

Let's hear it for the Lil' Bub! I felt a sense of pride that I knew most of those stories...but I loved learning your take on them, showing how much you love and respect him for ALL his accomplishments. I couldn't ask for two better best friends! And now that you have Lil' Bub, Jr. it will be fun to see how similar he is to his dada. He already walks just like him! (Jeff, you have to admit that although you're an amazing runner, you're still a beginner at walking ;) xoxo


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