Friday, March 19, 2010

Wesley :: 16 Months

My "little baby big boy," as I often like to call him, is losing his "little baby" status and I'm wondering how it all went so fast. I think I was too much in the "hurry up and grow" mindset...sleep deprivation will do that to you sometimes...but now I'm a bit sad, but also delighted to see what this big boy has up his sleeves.

At 16 months he walks steadily, dances with soul, signs a few things: more, food, milk, please and sometimes thank you, he pretends to talk on the phone- raising his hand to his ear and saying "hi", requests going to bed (thank goodness) and even sleeps 14 hours on occasion (typically between 12-13- whoohoo), wrestles like he means it- see here, makes funny faces, shrugs his shoulders on command, blows kisses, loves strangers and friends alike...he's a happy little guy!

Here are a list of his frequently used words (at least those I can recall at the moment..and ones he says pretty clearly):

dada or daddy (he also uses this for grandpa)
mama or mommy (he also uses this for grandma, though he's said that a few times too)
nene (for meme)
uh (for up)
teetee (for binkie)
uh oh
dye dye (bye bye)
nigh nigh (for night night)
nana (for banana)
toe (for toast)
ju (for juice)
jee (for jane)
kah (for scott)
wa (for will)
who who (owl)
ooh ooh ahh ahh (monkey)
cheep cheep (bird)
woof woof (dog)
baa (sheep)
neigh (horse)
rah (bear)
caw caw (crow)
neow (cat)
chu chu (train)

These are all I can think of for now...he has said several other words, but not as consistently as the ones above...he's tackling names right now, so he can often repeat them if they're said to him but perhaps not recall them on his for now they're off the list. ;)

His unofficial height and weight at 16 months are 23 lb 10 oz and 31.5" tall.

It's amazing to me that if he hadn't been a preemie he might still be 14 months, turning 15 months on the 23rd- CRAZY!

We couldn't be happier with this adorable human.

(photo credits: april of - mention me if you use her!)


alisha said...

Wow! You must be so proud. And what an extensive vocabulary he has. :)

Daryn said...

Wow, that's a lot of words!

Pat said...

ooh ooh for monkey

Brianne said...

you forgot OO-OO for owl :0)

we love little Wesley and what a great friend he is to Will- you have done a marvelous job with this little guy Jenny!

Kristen said...

he is adorable, and i can't believe he is already 16 months! he is such a bright, enthusiastic, charming little boy, and i truly feel blessed to be a part of his life! it is a joy to watch you and jeff with him, as you teach him and nurture him and play with him!

p.s. he totally came over and said "sisten" to me, unprompted, at the hospital when when we were waiting to meet amelia. i was shocked, and of course absolutely delighted!

La Dolce Vita said...

He's so funny and adorable in those pictures with his telephone! ;)


Rebekah said...

he honestly could not get any cuter or be any more hilarious and brilliant. We are all very very blessed by the miracle you and Jeff have raised and I still thank the Lord for his healthy delivery into the world!! and heck yes, woohoo for 13 hours of sleep I will refrain from posting jealous comments :)..nice job Jenny!!

only two more months and they will stop adjusting his age, I remember that day and know that when you have a preemie that day makes him feel SO very big! way to go Wessy boy, we love you!!

Jenny said...

ok, i've added the monkey and the owl..those were his 1st animal noises, not sure how i could forget them!

and i'm still working on all the aunts and uncles names..but am so happy he said yours, unprompted, Kristen!

thanks for all your encouragement everyone!

Prince said...

I love that he says "cheese" so clearly...that little big cheese boy. And it's fun to see how my name has evolved from "ane" to "jee" - not that he really ever said my name when he was little but it was fun to pretend that was what he said. I love him so much!!!


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