Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!


I made a batch of this today and had the foresight to split it into two separate meals. We enjoyed ours this evening and still have leftovers.

I would love it if one of YOU could enjoy the other portion for dinner tomorrow night. Anyone interested?

Leave a comment and I will do a drawing (that is if people are actually into this kind of random thing...and I'm afraid I'd prefer to actually know who you are) in the morning.

Wes and I can drop it off or you can head over this way and we can make a little date of it (free schedule not a requirement). Oh and I should say that it only has 4 biscuits and serves about 3 hardy adult portions...or 2 adults and a couple kiddos. Ingredients are all organic except for the biscuits which were the "healthiest" choice from the grocery store.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening. Wes went down at 8:15 and if he sleeps until 9:30 like he has been the last couple of days you'll be looking at one happy mama!


Kristen said...

are you kidding me? we would totally love to be entered in your drawing for this dinner! it looks and sounds delicious, jenny!

and wesley's sleep schedule sounds amazing, too! have a great night!

Casey said...

Is this the famous chicken dish that everyone was gushing about on FB? It looks so tasty! I think I might have to make it myself....unless of course airfare is included in your drawing ;)

Jenny said...

Oh no, that dish is chicken Marbella...that one has a ton of interesting flavor, this one has comfort food written all over it!

Congratulations Kristen! You win! I'll call you to arrange delivery ;)

Rebekah said...

too bad I went to bed at 7:30 while Chris was working on our shoreline house with the boys otherwise I would have entered too :)..yum! I love that dish I think it was the one I made you guys in the hospital after Wes was born, comfort food for sure..

oh and my boys slept from 10-6, grumble grumble.

Kristen said...

yay, jenny! thank you so much! we're thrilled!

Brianne said...

That chicken "pot pie" dish is incredible- she brought it over to us after little W was born...enjoy it Kristen it is yummy!

As is her chicken marbella...

what can't Jenny make that's delicious?!?!?!

Rebekah J Designs said...

Oh SNAP! One day too late. Looks yummy. You are so creative Jenny! Love it.

Mandy said...

so weird. I left a comment this morning around 7:30, but I must have not clicked through all the steps or something. Oh well. Thanks for being so thoughtful & considerate anyways, Jenny! And I'm sure it's delicious- thanks for sharing the recipe.

Katie, Ryan, Sean, and Molly said...

Man! I missed it! I would give my right arm these days to not have to cook dinner :) Well, not really, but as Mandy said that was really thoughtful of you! HOpe you enjoy dinner Kristen!

Jeff G said...

oh man, mandy, i feel bad...looks like i owe you a dinner ;)

perhaps i should do this more often if i make a big batch of food?

thanks for your interest everyone...be on the look out for another home-cooked meal give-away!



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