Sunday, June 13, 2010

Already a Fan

When my good friend, Alisha, was featured on design*sponge for her thorough and amazing guide to Auckland, NZ I had to dive deeper into who made the gorgeous cityscape...Julia Rothman! I was surprised to see that I was already a fan of this artists creations- and you should be too!

Here are a few I have either purchased, gifted, or drooled over...

As a quick side note...Alisha is back in Seattle and looking for the following:
- work (preferably something in the non-profit arena...part-time so she can write....and in the meantime is definitely interested in doing some babysitting for any and all of my mommy friends...interested? contact me and i'll put you in touch with her)
- a car (sub $3000- good/reliable condition)
- a home (something in Seattle, nice light, safe neighborhood, not too much dinero)

If you can help with any of these things that would be awesome!

Wasn't the weather this weekend just what the doctor ordered? And speaking of doctors...mine called this week to let me know that my uterus is NORMAL! Hooray!


Rachel Womelsduff Gough said...

1) I LOVE all of the Julia Rothman creations you posted. Very cool.

2) I'm so glad Dan and Alisha are home. I'm going to talk with Lisa and see if there are any open positions with the non-profit she's starting.

3) Hooray for a normal uterus!

Brianne said...

Welcome Home Alisha, artist!

Glad your girly parts are fabulous :)

Casey said...

I love her patterns...very cool!

Glad to hear you are healthy and everything is normal :)

Rachel said...

Love these designs too! Especially the house/tree bedspread and wrapping paper. Thanks for posting!

Maybe Alisha would want to babysit my friend tina's little one?

And I am thankful you are healthy. :)

alisha said...

Jenny, thanks so much for the amazing shout out! I look forward to all the job offers rolling in. :) I love Julia's work, thanks for pointing it out as I'd only seen her city guide illustrations.

La Dolce Vita said...

We are very happy that you are healthy!!! ;))

Kristen said...

loved alisha's travel guide (way to go, alisha, and welcome back to the states!!), and i'm so inspired by rothman's work. thanks for sharing these samples! the nyc print is incredible. i'm also so very glad to hear that all is well with your uterus! great news! love you.

Jesse said...

Hey Jenny,
I just read your comment on Joey's post about motherhood so far and I was wondering if we could chat about sleeping and feeding patterns with our babies :) You mentioned that wes wasn't a good sleeper? Neither is Olive. I've been trying everything, and can't really seem to get her to take longer naps than 20 mins or so and she only does one chunk in the night, and then is up 3-4 other times - i am EXHAUSTED. Was there anything you did that helped you, either in terms of sleeping/eating or for you personaly (did you supplement so jeff could do more bottles and you could get more sleep, etc)? I guess the thing is im not sure how to try and set a pattern while still feeding on cue or demand.. anyway, i was comforted reading your comment, knowing that im not the only one with a baby who wouldnt sleep great, and that hopefully it wasnt a reflection of me as a mom!
Id love to hear your thoughts!


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