Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The End of a Season

*Last post was my 400th- wow!*

Today is Tuesday and on Tuesdays these past few months I am usually doing 1 of 2 things....MOPS or hanging out with Sammi...today I did neither. Today I got an MRI. It wasn't so bad really, but I did push the panic button -just once- when I realized I was still wearing my wedding ring...in a huge magnet!! Apparently that doesn't matter when they're trying to get images of your uterus. And that's what I was doing...getting my uterus checked out because frankly my story was just too similar to her's (pre-term labor, breech position). And since these things can be hereditary I think God may have had a purpose when he made us sisters, even if we aren't biological.

Chances are I don't have a unicornuate uterus (1 in 4,000 women), which is what I'm praying for...but if I do, at least I'll know in a couple of weeks and go from there! The good news is that I have 2 kidneys which I was a tad worried about when my OB told me that one of them was "not easily seen" in my 18 week ultrasound. Having one kidney is often related to a unicornuate uterus. So, good news there for sure!

Anyway, I'm feeling good about the MRI and actually more sad that MOPS is over for the season. I had a really great table this year and enjoyed having a place to go twice a month with childcare, breakfast, an educational speaker, and really fun table conversation.
I would definitely encourage any mom who hasn't been involved in MOPS to participate...I realize all things have to align to make it a great experience- a friendly mentor mom, outgoing tablemates, fun social gatherings, and enriching speakers...but when it's right, it's incredible...and that's what this year was for me and for that I am so so thankful.

I hope you're having a good week. Wes is battling a little cold and a BIG attitude problem (well kind of). He's definitely in a new phase...refusing to eat, demanding a ton of attention. I'm being challenged and stretched for sure...it's a good thing he's so darn cute.


Rachel Womelsduff Gough said...

I'm so glad you have two kidneys! I know waiting to hear test results can be scary, so I pray for peace during this time and a good outcome.

Amelia has been congested the last few days, too. This is my first experience with a "sick" baby, and I don't like it. She's in good spirits during the day, but has a hard time breathing through the snot during the night. Ugh.

Anyway, we love you and miss you and will pray for you.

Casey said...

I, too, am so glad to hear that you have two kidneys....one less thing to worry about.

Still praying for you as you find out more on your MRI! xoxo

Katie, Ryan, Sean, and Molly said...

I miss MOPS also! I am glad you got in and can start figuring out everything. It is good just to know and then move on from there. Hope to see you soon!

Claire Carey said...

I am sorry to hear that you had to have an MRI, but glad to hear that you have two kidneys. Take care, Jenny!

Lori said...

Hey, I just realized that you're a fellow WA resident! :) Glad to hear that the MRI went well, and I second your thoughts on MOPS. Can't wait for it to start up again in the fall. Have a lovely week!


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