Sunday, July 04, 2010

California Knows How to Party

My friend, Dan (who knows a lot about music), recently informed me that the lyrics for California Love , a classic Tupac and Dr. Dre hit, do indeed say "California knows how to party" and NOT "California no doubt a party" (which is what I thought). But I think either way it's a true statement!!

The week before last we found ourselves in SoCal...first up...San Diego! AND Wes' 1st ride on an airplane, he did awesome.San Diego is home to our good friend, Jane, who is still living in DC. So, we visited our other good friends, Todd & Sara and family. Their family is a joy, so full of life, love, and fun- we had the best time. Have I mentioned before that Sara was both mine and Jeff's High School English teacher? And my basketball coach? (before I quit my Senior year because I honestly couldn't handle running and conditioning anymore)Wes LOVED being around all those girls and I think Drew (the youngest) got a little possessive, she could often be heard saying "Let him be!" to her older sisters and "I want to take a bath with baby Wes!"Thank you Hansens for hosting us, we hope you'll visit in October.

We headed north for the second half of our trip...Los Angeles (Santa Monica)!
Jeff had some business to take care of so my friend Amy spent the first day with us...poolside! And when Jeff was done working we headed to the beach. Wes is a fearless beach baby and would gladly run all day straight into the surf, without help if he had his way.That night we met up with Amy's boyfriend and our other friend Cristie for dinner, it was cut short due to someone with an attitude problem...but resumed with room service dessert!Our last full day was filled with more pool time and dinner with Heather & Heath (recently engaged) at Cristie & Jerry's (getting married in September). Looks like more trips to SoCal will be in our future!

Loved seeing you ladies (and gents) and soaking in the much needed SUN!


Prince said...

glad to see you and i still share disfunctional lyrics syndrome (respirism voodoo)

I'm so happy you had such a great time in socal...just wish i could have been there to join the party. that little wes is such a beach bum baby, i love him! glad to see that sara and todd's crew is still loving socal, too.

Jesse said...

okay i totally love your orange striped bathing suit! so cute - where did you get it?

ps - thanks for the sweet and very helpful/reassuring made a big difference!

Lewy said...

Looks like you had fun! Hope we get to see you next time. :)

Casey said...

I love your new banner! So sweet.

And I agree with Jesse...your suit is awesome and I need details of where you got it. At first I was like "Awesome dress...wait, awesome suit?" Either way, I love it.

Kristen said...

all of these photos are amazing, jenny; i loved seeing these glimpses into your sunny vacation! the hansen family is so beautiful and fun-- what great photos of alex and mia at the strawberry field, especially.

i'm so glad you were able to take this trip together as a family and spend time with dear friends!

and i love your new blog banner, too! so perfect for summer. xoxo

Jenny said...

okay, i's not a bathing suit...but a tube top that i stretched out when i realized that i did indeed want to take my pants off and get in the water with Wes.

you can get yours at forever 21 ;)

lindsay- we are hoping that we'll be in LA longer next time so that we can see you and Chad!! Sorry we didn't call this time.

thanks for the comments and banner love...i was waiting for just the right summer photo!

Rachel said...

I love seeing the SD sun! Looks like so much doubt a party. :)

Wes' beach hat is so cute. I can't wait to see you SOOOOON!

amyrenee said...

Love it. The best fashion moments always come unexpectedly :)

alisha said...

It's funny leaving a comment on your blog when I'm sitting 3 feet away from you, but that's how cyberspace works! Wes is such a good water baby, hopefully we'll get some beach time with him at Golden Gardens this summer. :)

Mandy said...

beautiful pictures, Jenny! and that's hilarious about the tube top - who would have thought?! 2 things that struck me- 1. I can't believe how blong Wes is getting- I hardly recognized him in the first few photos and 2- I had no idea you played basketball in high school. I dont know how I missed that. anyways, how's that for random. glad you had a good trip!

Dan said...

Cheers for the shout out Jenny.

Although when Alisha and I move into the hood, best believe those lyrics be changing to 'BALLARD knows how to party!'

The Bostroms said...

you were in sd and there was sun?!!? i don't even remember what that is like :)
looks like a fun trip!

Brianne said...

Awesome photos! Glad Wes is such a great little traveler.

Scott and I constantly debate lyrics- he's usually right. I just (the other) day realized that "leggo my eggo" is Ebonics for "let go of my eggo" so although this case wasn't musical I was still feeling like a big dork.

Jenny said...

brianne, that's awesome, what did you think it meant?

Brianne said...

J- I just thought it was some lame slogan! Ugh!


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