Monday, July 12, 2010

Mrs. Trudelle

Congratulations Rachel and Steve! We had such an amazing time at your wedding. All the details were so thoughtful and sweet, from the sunset cruise on Lake Washington (my first time through the Montlake cut) to the tiny photos on each table of you and Steve growing up. Rachel you were radiant!

I love you and am so blessed by your friendship, by your positivity and exuberant joy. Thank you for loving my little Wes too, we were so disappointed that he wasn't well enough to be one of your little ring bearers.

Here are a few photos from the shower that Katie and I threw several weeks ago AND a couple of photos of the reversible quilt that we made.


Jesse said...

love the quilt jenny - really very pretty!

Brianne said...

Great quilt..pretty decor...Congratulations Rachel!

Kristen said...

congratulations to rachel and steve!

beautiful shower, and you know i absolutely love how the wedding quilt turned out. nice work, as always, jenny! such a generous gift from you and katie.

Prince said...

Rachel is divine! and I'm going to try hard to get married so i can get a wedding and Katie are soooooo talented, my goodness!

alisha said...

Congratulations Rachel, though I actually only met you once. :) Have a great first year of marriage, which will not be difficult with such a gorgeous quilt.

Rachel said...

I am in love with the quilt and with the both of you, jenny and katie! The quilt is perfect--all my favorite colors.
I feel so incredibly blessed to be friends with you (and your husbands too!). Thank you for coming to the wedding and for dancing, despite the heat! You're the best. :)

Prince said...

I almost forgot to mention that your quilt holder is looking so, how do i say...jeffy!


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