Thursday, August 26, 2010

Letter to My 16 Year Old Self

*Thank you to Alisha for coming up with such a fun idea...check out the rest of the participants and link up here.*
(You might think this is a current photo of me, but I'm happy to say that it's not...not that the 12 year old Jenny is proud of it either. Why did glamor shots make you look 40?)

Dear 16 year old Jenny,

I'm hesitant to write you from your nearly 30 year old self...because frankly, your life is pretty great and I don't want to jinx it. But, here goes...

Hi! What are you up to these days? I can hardly remember what it was like to be 16 and you might be thinking that's a blessing, but I do wish you'd start a journal (or a blog...look into it ASAP). You're probably driving around in your Bronco II, wearing braces and still pretty bummed that you're "sweet 16 and never been kissed"- don't worry those braces will come off (this year in fact) and you'll learn, or you can take it from me, you don't have to kiss a bunch of frogs to find your prince....he's someone you already know and love...but maybe I shouldn't say who because things will work out in their own sweet timing.

One thing I'm sad to report is that as an adult you have lost quite a bit of your goofy side...some of that is maturing and a good thing...but some of that is from taking jobs out of college that you didn't love...they slowly sucked the life out of you and you're just now getting it back, brick by I urge you to have fun, find joy in everything, and keep laughing at other people's jokes (you've never had a problem with laughing at your own).

Here is a list in no particular order of things you should start doing now, trust me.

- learn French
- play the piano
- do yoga or gymnastics...something to keep you flexible
- start free-form quilting and other crafts, Mom's arts & crafts 4-h was not all for actually LOVE this creative outlet...join something called the moment it begins and pick a really good storefront name
- buy google stock when it goes public
- get excited about God, read Mere Christianity and other Christian will really get your juices going

Ok, so it's not exhaustive...but your 29 year old self is pretty're chasing after a 21 month old and he is more precious than you could have ever dreamed.

You are loved as your are now and as you will fact, in only gets better and better.

I love you Jenny, life goes by so quickly I just want you to enjoy where you're at, the future will come soon enough!

Jenny G. (that's all I'm saying)

(One of my many embarrassing Senior photos and I think I was technically 17 but I started out my Senior year as a 16 year old so I figured it was close enough.)


Kristen said...

:) loved this post, and your awesome photos especially. you are an amazing gal, jenny! xoxo

Dani said...

This. Is. Awesomeness.

Oh, to talk to my 16 year old self. I'd have given myself an earful.

Prince said...

i don't know how to respond to this yet...i just love it so much right now that i can't find good words. i'm just grateful that i know both those Jennys and they are one perfect woman. love you!

alisha said...

Dang those soul-sucking jobs! If anything they teach us what we DON'T want to be doing 40 hours a week. Great advice and I wonder if our 16-year-old selves ever bumped into each other at Bellevue Square. You never know!

Rachel said...

I love your goofy side, Jenny, and I hope it continues to re-emerge. I'm a closet goofball, too, and I think it surprises Bryan every once in awhile, such as last weekend when he saw me with my brother for the first time. Anyway, I loved reading this letter, with all its hints and foreshadowing. I'm glad I know you.

Holeinone78 said...

Really cool Jenny!!

Holeinone78 said...

Really cool Jenny!


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