Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A New Decade :: 30

I've entered a new 30s.  And I have to say that it was quite possibly the best party I've ever had, amazing ambience, delicious food, delightful company.  I couldn't have asked for a better way to ring in the new decade and to remember how far I've come.
We dined at Boat Street Kitchen, a private affair, with a menu handpicked by me.
Two very beautiful gals showed up in the same outfit and just so happened to be sitting by each friends have great taste and great attitudes...they didn't mind a bit and they made for a good photo.
There was a bit of a theme...from the invites that displayed a scanned piece of my 30th birthday goal afghan, to the party favors which were a set of four crocheted coasters, to my handcrafted necklace (made by Rebekah)...and to me, they all symbolized the journey I've been on thus far...these first 30 years I have been a daughter, sister, friend, student, employee, wife, aunt and mother and becoming a mother was probably one of the most challenging things yet.  

For nearly two years I felt as though my body wasn't my own, my thoughts weren't my own, my time wasn't my own.  But it has been a year since Wes stopped nursing and has been sleeping through the night so now, turning 30, I feel like I'm in a really good place.  I feel like I have been able to reclaim my mind, body, and creativity.  Creating an afghan that I get to keep is symbolic of wanting to THRIVE rather than survive...I want to create, to read, to spend time with encouraging and loving people.  And thankfully I get to.

Every woman that sat in that room (and those who didn't) has been a part of my journey and I'm so grateful for every way in which I've learned from them, laughed with them, shared life with them.  I am truly blessed and I can't wait to see what I become in this coming decade but I know that the Lord will guide me and that he has provided many confidants to walk with me all the way.
There wasn't a dull moment, as I swapped seats around the table everyone chatted with ease.
This week I've been reliving the evening and the love I felt...I couldn't be happier.  The next day, my actual birthday (10.10.10), was spent with Jeff...eating brunch at A Caprice Kitchen, shopping at Swanson's, napping and then off to pick up Wes from Jeff's parents and dinner at my parents with my brother and his girlfriend.  What a spectacular weekend!

 (thank you to Rachel for these photos...can you believe I forgot my own camera?)


Kristen said...

jenny, it was such a joy and an honor to celebrate with you that night. what an incredible birthday event! you were radiant, and i love what you shared with all of us about your journey your first 30 years, as well as your hopes for the years to come. i love you and am blessed beyond words to be your sister-in-law! i am filled with gratitude and joy when i think that we get to be family (and alongside rebekah and rachel, too!) be friends and sisters supporting, encouraging, and nurturing each other as moms, wives, friends, and in all our creative endeavors... it is a great gift. happy 30's, jenny! you will rock this next decade for sure! xoxo

Brianne said...

Your party was fantastic...and I was sad to have to leave early!
You were glowing and laughing every time I looked over at you, what better way to welcome a new decade!

Rachel said...

I had such a great time at your celebration! THANK YOU for inviting me. I am very inspired by your reflection on living 30 years :) You are such a beautiful person, jenny. Love you!

Kimberly said...

The dinner celebration was amazing! Such great food and ambiance and ladies! This is going to be an incredible decade for you. I've warmed it (just a bit) and it seems to be great so far ;)

Casey said...

Wow, what a way to ring in your 30's! That menu is making me drool. It all looks so fantastic!

Shauna said...

What an incredible way to celebrate your life. You are very lucky to have so many amazing women in your life!

Your post is challenging me to reflect on my past 31 and to think about what I want to make happen in my 30' thanks! :)

Rebekah said...

Jenny, I can not thank you enough for the gift that evening was to all of us. To be counted among your closest friends was such an honor and the way that you so gracefully blessed us with your words and gifts - seriously it was amazing!

I know we didn't all get a chance to speak at the party but I want to echo what each of the girls who did speak had to are truly a kindred spirit to so many who know you. You lift us up and support in the ways that are needed. You share your passions so freely and you and Jeff are more generous with your lives that any other couple I know. I am inspired by your friendship and love that we have been friends since day one of meeting. I love that I get to also be your sister and partake in the family you are building so beautifully!

Love you Jenny and I am thrilled to see what is around the next bend for you, I am sure whatever it is it will be over the moon!

ps. I am still reliving the food, SO INCREDIBLE!!

pps. I guess that I am showing from the back as evidence of that first photo ;)

alisha said...

Thanks for an amazing night Jenny! It really was a beautiful celebration. :)

Rachel said...

It was so fun to celebrate you Jenny, and to see your creativity in all the touches at the party, from the carefully selected and delicious menu to the labor-of-love crocheted coaster party favors. You are so thoughtful and loving and the evening was a serious treat for all of us. Thank you! And like Kristen said, you will rock this decade for sure.


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