Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Fall Fun!

If you're still reading this blog...thank you. My husband said to me last night..."no new blog post?" That's when I realized it had gotten bad...I just hadn't felt inspired...

So, I thought I'd share a bit of what we've been up to this Autumn...I am seriously loving this amazing weather and I can't remember a November quite like this...with all the vibrant colorful leaves still clinging to branches and swaying in the wind as I look out of the window of my parents house, listening to the sweet ramblings of a very tired little boy who seems to be refusing to fall asleep. Today we have been blessed to spend the day with my Mom and even spent the afternoon with Great Grandma, Grandpa, Grandma and Simon and Levi on the shores of south Lake Washington...with a promise of a chilli dinner at G&Gs with S&L later tonight...what a treat!

Let the Fall fun begin...
A trip to the Puyallup Fair...I had been looking forward to this, but I think my expectations were a bit high...not to be missed though is funnel cake (pure deep-fried doughy sugar sweet goodness) and mutten bustin' (picture 3 year olds bare back riding sheep for sport).
Enjoying a season of pumpkins...
Celebrating a big 3 year olds b-day! I just love this shot of Evan with Wes & Miles in the background.
Happy Birthday Evan- We love you!
The highly anticipated arrival of Miss Jolene Joan-Claire Gough...we all love her so much already and seriously can't wait to see the little lady she becomes...Wes even leaned in for a kiss. Sometimes when he sees babies out and about he says, "baby Josie"- I think he misses her!
We have instituted a couple of new nights here in the Gough music night, family craft night, and science project night. Above is one of our science projects, a magic tree...we've also made playdoh, drawn on pumpkins...I think we'll do shrinky-dinks next, but I am totally open to ideas on all fronts so please don't hesitate to share!
One night Jeff had a pie craving...and I thought, by George, I think we've got all of the ingredients for a "hand pie" and an hour later (pie is no quick feat) we had this beauty.  Wes enjoyed the leftovers in the morning!
A trip to Swanson's for breakfast and a romp in their hay maze was just what we needed one weekend morning...not to mention they have chickens and fish which is always fun for the little ones.  Oh yeah, and a face painter which we decided to take advantage of for our little halloween photo shoot.
Norbert, our little French wrestler...Wes dressed as the wrestling doll I made him last year. I'm in love with this adorable li'l hero!
We could not miss Bethany's Harvest Party...3 bouncy houses, balloons, candy, corn dogs, costumes and kiddos! We all had a really great, a bit chaotic and humid, time.
And finally in October we celebrated one of our favorite little people's birthday with a party and some serious trick or treating.  It took Wes a bit of time to realize that he wasn't supposed to eat the candy right away....he needed to put it in the bucket...but once we cleared that up he did a great job keeping up with the big kids...even passing a few, but I'm not naming names ;)
We love you Levi, Happy 3rd Birthday!
It's been a fabulous season and thankfully it's not over yet!

Hope you're getting out and enjoying the sunshine.


Kristen said...

so many awesome photos--this post was worth the wait, jenny! xoxo

Casey said...

So great to read an update on what you guys have been up to! :) Wes' costume is totally rad. I love it. I showed it to Tom and he thought Wes was a mini Jeff.

The Bostroms said...

that costume is seriously out of control and fabulous! he rocks it!!! good job mama!!!!! :)

Rachel said...

I loved this update. So many fun things and great photos. I really like the idea of different "theme" nights--sounds fun!

(oh, and I'm mostly using polaroid from the "advanced" effect called "curves" on picnik :) )

Hope to see you again sooooon!

The Courter Family said...

fun post jenny :) that outfit of Wesley's always make me lough out loud! he's so darn cute.


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