Friday, November 19, 2010

Just 1 thing...

before turning 2!

There were mixed feelings in our house about Wes' first haircut...but in the end li'l Klippers won out and our boy shed his wispy baby locks for his first ever big boy haircut. A little bit sad, a little bit exciting and a whole lot of handsome.

 This one really clenched the need for a haircut for me...look at that helmet!
 And here he is trying to hold up his two fingers- practice.
 "w-w-w-wait...are you doing something back there?"
 I think he liked it.
 It started to flatten almost immediately...and I've since used product to the same result.  But how much product is too much for a two year old? (I've decided to let the cards fall where they lie...or hair rather.)
Eeek, his first haircut!


Kristen said...

adorable! love these photos, jenny!

Brianne said...

He is rather dashing with his big boy haircut!

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, so cute! That haircut is perfect for Wes. :)

Casey said...

How very dapper! And now I really think he looks like Jeff in these photos! :)

amyrenee said...

Yeah, I think sans product for the little man. No need to manscape too early.


Prince said...

love it! he's such a hunk ;)

Jocy May said...

he is so adorbs!

La Dolce Vita said...

Wessy is soooo cute!!! :) ...and this barbershop is so nice for children!!! ;))


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