Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wesley :: Wednesday

I love this kid.
(2 yr. 2 months)

His vocabulary and imagination have been running wild! Seriously, I've been so impressed with the way he can articulate his thoughts...I asked him earlier this week, "what are you doing?" and he replied, "I'm trying to poop!" Oh, ok.

He's been using stalling techniques when we put him to bed..."I need water," "sing the joker song (jingle bells, batman smells)," "rock you mama"- which means he wants to sit with me or Jeff in the rocking chair and sing songs or tell stories.  I asked him the other night, "Wesley, do you want a little brother?" and he told me, "yes, and a little sister too!" We're trying buddy! But I kind of couldn't believe that he already understood the concept...and maybe he doesn't totally but he already has the words for it- amazing!

He likes to pretend.  He pretends he's Buzz Lightyear with his little action figurine.  He even has a special voice that he uses when he's "Buzz."  And lately he will tell me, "I'm Thomas" and then he'll refer to himself as Thomas and only respond when I call him that too.

I'm trying to soak this stage up. To marvel in Wes, to play with him, to spend more time snuggling and listening...even if it means that he doesn't get to bed until almost 10 (he sleeps 12 hours anyway).

Wesley, you are my little angel baby!


Rebekah said...

so sweet Jenny, I just love this little Wessie update! It gets so fun doesn't it when they start to crack you up with the things they say and the ways they put thoughts together. I am so glad you are enjoying soaking him in during this special stage with just one little one. God has plans for your family and I love being able to share in this journey and life with you and that cute boy of yours!

Kristen said...

great post, jenny! we are marveling and enjoying our sweet nephew right along with you! he's one amazing, delightful little boy.

and jenny, i loved reading your "about" page tonight--what a truly beautiful expression of your heart. you are all those things you hope for, and it is one of my life's greatest blessings to be your sister-in-law and to share life's journey with you (as rebekah wrote above, too!) thanks for always being so candid and for adding such a great sense of humor to the mix, too! i love you!

Casey said...

So so cute. I hate to sound completely corny, but kids really do say the darndest things. I've started a little book about the funny stuff that comes out of Cora's mouth. :)

Prince said...

i miss that boy! i'm so happy that you and jeff have such a wonderful son and that your little family is so full of love and adventure and funny moments. i often feel a mix of gratitude and sadness when i think of you. i'm grateful to be in your life and to have such a loving relationship with the three of you, but i'm often overwhelmed by sadness when i can't be with you. but gratitude usually wins and i don't let the tears fall for too long :) i can't wait to live close to you again, i won't be able to stay away for much longer i'm sure! maybe wesley's graduation??? ;)


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