Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Although Jeff and I don't celebrate this holiday (not in any official way anyway) we have been spreading Valentine cheer throughout the weekend.  Wes has been delivering his Toy Story Valentines and Jeff and I attempted a Valentine inspired dessert- a recipe from my favorite Top Chef All Stars contestant, Richard Blais.  It's angel food cake made out of a whip creamer and microwaved (kind of gross, but also fun...I would recommend adding vanilla or almond extract if you try it.)

Wes also had French class today, have I mentioned here that he started taking those in January? Today was a particularly hard day, maybe the kids had too much sugar before class? So, I'm exhausted...and Wes is exhausted but the kid is still not sleeping (4:19 pm).

I am planning on making one of Jeff's favorite meals- pasta with chicken meatballs and possibly indulging in THIS recipe again!

Hope you all have a fabulous evening.

***As soon as I published this post I decided it might be a good idea to sneak upstairs and check on Wes. I thought I heard him yell "poop" and well, the bad news is his diaper was off...the good news? He thinks pee is yes, there was a little puddle in the middle of his mattress, but nothing else.  AND he also seems to have fallen right to sleep!***


Rebekah said...

fun stuff!! I made the lava cakes for tonight too - I can"t wait, thanks for sharing!!

The Courter Family said...

Yeah! Happy Valentine's Day Jenny :) fun post to read and I'd love to hear more about your French class...sounds like it's with Wesley too? fun!

Casey said...

Oh yum! Since you made us that pasta dish for our going away party, it has been a family favorite too :) You are always full of wonderful ideas Jenny!

Prince said...

owl be wesley's anytime!

alisha said...

I loved my little Valentine from Wes. As well as the load of Sweethearts. :)


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