Thursday, March 03, 2011

Wesley :: Wednesday

This was a Wednesday with Wesley if ever there was one...we spent so much time on the couch my bottom hurts!

My poor baby was up all night throwing up...and as I had finally caved and downed some Nyquil to try and kick this horrible cold I've been nursing I was only lucid enough to help clean up his sheets twice while my poor Jeffy was up every 40 minutes or so comforting our very sad boy until 5 in the morning.

We watched more shows then I would ever normally allow and in between Toy Story, Cars, Pingu, and Kipper I caught Wesley's vomit in an all too familiar stainless steel bowl (does everyone use these as barf bowls? I know I did as a child.)  I think the only sweet thing about your baby being sick is that they become a baby again...clinging to you, wanting to be held and rocked, falling asleep in your arms.

I'm happy to report that he seems better today, after a full night's rest, and has been able to keep food and beverage down- hooray!

We are praying that he stays well and that Jeff and I do NOT get it- it's our 4th anniversary today (I will post more later).

We love you Wes!  And just so I don't forget I love how you say..."night night crib," "puppy dog," and "kitty cat"- just like that and always together! (but not all 3 phrases together, in case you got confused)


Kristen said...

you guys have been on our hearts these past couple days! i'm glad wes is doing better... he looks so grown up to me in that photo!

and happy anniversary to you and jeff! we love you guys and are so blessed by your beautiful, fun, generous life together. xoxo

Jocy May said...

oh poor wesley! barfy baby :(
i've been meaning to e-mailing you today to wish you a very happy anniversary! love you and your family.

Jenny said...

he's kind of sporting a justin beiber hair do ;)

Prince said...

hope wes is back to full health...and since i haven't talked to you in a few days i'm not sure if you and jeff are holding strong...but i sure hope so.



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