Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gough Vacation :: Long Beach :: 2011

This year our Gough Family vacation was spent in the surprisingly sunny Long Beach, WA. There were 17 of us this year- WOW! I had been looking forward to the break from our everyday schedule, to spending time with Jeff all week, enjoying the company of my big Gough family, and receiving the blessing of generosity from Jeff's parents who not only provided the amazing accommodations but also blessed all of us with babysitting so that we could truly have a "vacation" with our spouses.  It was fabulous!

Our little family started the trip off with a stop off in Olympia for brunch at Sage's Brunch House.  We then headed straight to the resort and straight into the pool, where we spent a good portion of time each day.  Wes learned how to swim all by himself with his life vest and became very comfortable with dunking his head underwater...some really big achievements on this trip!  And that's not all, he also became officially potty trained- hooray!

Vacation included a couple of trips to Waikiki Beach, a visit from Mario & Ely (congratulations on your wedding, hope you're having an amazing time in Hawaii), a day trip to Astoria and Cannon Beach, a bit of thrift shopping, delicious meals, a few naps, an art project, kite flying...fun, fun, fun.

Here are a HEAP of photos from our vacation.

Enjoying our breakfast smoothies: oats, banana, yogurt, honey, cinnamon, and coconut milk

The view from Waikiki Beach- gorgeous.

Uncle Kyle sculpted a crocodile, much to Wes' Peter Pan loving delight!

Silly string, a prize from our treasure hunt. Great shot Levi!

Mario & Ely meet Wes for the first time on this trip.

We stumbled upon a mound of oyster shells and couldn't resist.

Here I am helping out the cranberry farmers...Steve actually thought this was legit.

And yes, we stopped at the Great Wolf Lodge on our way home...birthday location scouting!


Jocy May said...

these pictures are so, so great!

Casey Lee said...

Loved looking at your pictures! What a vacation...and Yay to Wes for being potty trained! I just love his little undies. :)

Claire Carey said...

Love these! I asked Simon and Levi what their favorite part of the vacation was and they said, "Going in the ocean with our big boys. Wesley went too." So funny. Glad you captured it on film for their future girlfriends. :)

Prince said...

i couldn't get enough of these photos! love the gough family...and what a good-looking bunch! i especially loved the one with jeff and wes flying the kite and then you and wes with wolf ears. his expression reminds me so much of you! love you guys :)

amyrenee said...

Don't these kids have bathing suits? You are strange northern people.

Love it!

La Dolce Vita said...

We love our photo with Wes!!! We miss YOU!!!!!

Now back home and slowly returning to normality...but so hard after 5 weeks in USA! We wouldn't leave Hawaii at all. It's a paradise! ;)


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