Friday, September 23, 2011

So Long Summer!

Happy Fall!

I'm stuck in that in between space...every cold and blustery day has me excited for Fall...sweaters, hot cider, pumpkins, candles...but every sunny day makes me realize I never got a long stretch of summer and gosh darn it, I'm not ready for it to be over!  So, I'm thankful for this sunny first day of Fall!

Above are some of our summer tidbits, though the weather didn't cooperate much we still managed to have a full one. Summer means...friends, popsicles, parties, pools, babies and gardening!  And I still have a few lingering posts from our adventures this summer so hopefully all this cooler weather will encourage me to blog a bit more...there are so many things about our life right now that I don't want to forget.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


JKLR said...

I love your summer pictures, you captured some sweet moments! I love the picture of your parents, their arms crossed each other ;)

Brianne said...

Great shots Jenny! I am over summer...maybe it's because it never fully arrived- so I want to give it the cold shoulder and welcome fall?
I forgot how small Ellie Mae was! And that last shot of you and your other lady friend is RAD!

Prince said...

i'm blue that i didn't get to come for my usual WA summer visit :( i miss you guys so much!!! autumn in seattle here i come!!!!

Shauna said...

Okay, I need a lesson. How did you post all those pictures like that??? I just posted a gazillion pictures and made a way too long blog post.

That pic of Wes in the dentist chair is too cute! :) I'll admit it, I'm excited for fall (but I totally need to go shopping, I don't have any boots yet!).


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