Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Faces of Wesley

Wes and Daddy had a photoshoot one night while I was away.  It kind of reminded me of the one taken here when he was just a few months old.  He sure is an expressive little boy!
These were taken a couple days before his second-ever haircut.  I'm glad we captured his golden locks before we got a "tidy surfer" haircut that ended up looking like a bowl-cut.  Whoops!

I realize in general my blog is very Wesley-centric, but since my posts have been few and far between, I'm long overdue for an update.  So here goes:

★ He loves replacing nouns in stories with made-up, alternate nouns.  For example, instead of saying "and a cat named Bob" he'll say "and a cat named DADDY" and then crack up laughing.  Daddy is one of his favorite substitute nouns.  He's really developing a sense of humor!

★ He's starting to say "I like the taste of it" or "that's tasty!"  It's fun to hear him express his opinions; and he's always been an adventurous eater.

★ We don't let him eat fast food very often, but he's quick to recognize an "Old" McDonald's or an "Uncle" Dick's any time we drive past.  The cute thing about him calling it Uncle Dick's is that Uncle Dick is a close family friend that passed away before Wesley got to meet him.

★ He now prefers made-up bed time stories to reading books.  Jeff is the best with these with Wesley a close second.  Bed time will usually start with Wesley saying "tell me a story about a lion eating a" something.  The other day he told Jeff a story about a lion that went to New York City, got a snack at Starbucks, and then spoke French to the Statue of Liberty before heading to Sesame Street.

★ He became really attached to listening to an old Sesame Street audio CD that I checked out from the library.

★ He can write the letters A, D, E, O, and W.  But he can recognize the majority of letters in the alphabet.  We've been working on this recently using these worksheets.

★ Wes and I have been having snuggle-fests.  He'll say "I love you Mom, I really love you."  And when Daddy is around to witness this, he'll often say "no Dada, she's MY girl!"  Gee, that feels good ;)

★ The other day he was looking out the window at the chicken coop and said "I don't respect those chicks."  Not sure where that came from!  But maybe he knows something we don't?

★ At nap time he's been taking all his blankets and pillows off the bed and making a nest on the floor to sleep in.  Tonight, Jeff went up to check on Wes because we heard rumbling around (we assumed he was making another nest), but when Jeff opened the door Wesley was contently sitting on the edge of his bed reading a big book with the light on!  "I'm just reading a book Dada."

There's lots more, but that's enough for now!


Prince said...

no, that is NOT enough for now! i need more!!! what a darling darling boy...gosh i miss him. and i realize i don't really know him anymore because his personality is blossoming. i really hope to see you guys before the end of the year. i'm hoping Christmas time will work out :)

Jocy May said...

i love your precious, adorable, hilarious baby boy! well, not so much a baby anymore. i'm with jane, it's never enough- more Wesley stories please!

La Dolce Vita said...

When you tell Wes-stories it seems like we never left and it's like hearing Wes saying those things! He's an adorable child and we miss him very much!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Fun photo shoot! We still remember Wes' funny face when he was telling :"It's coming out!!!" this summer! LOL

Rebekah said...

how did I miss this? the cutest face around that little guy - he's expressive that is for sure and adorable!!!

Casey Lee said...

This is really cute....and I see so much of you in his face!! :) What a handsome little guy!

amyrenee said...

He's a natural for Saturday Night Live - Preschool Edition.


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