Monday, October 15, 2012

A Litter of Quilts

2012 has been a fruitful year for our big Gough family...and in fact, I have definitely seen God moving in so many families this year, it is nothing short of a miracle.  I praise him for his goodness and for the stretching and growing that comes in the waiting on His perfect timing.

As is my tradition I made a quilt for each new family member (I've long since given up making quilts for friends when family has been so abundant...this will be 12 quilts in the last 6 years...but never 4 in one year like this year- oh my!)

This one was for sweet baby Zeb.  His dad requested something with Z's and I thought a zigZAG would have to do...especially since ZAG are his initials. Welcome to the world little man! I can't believe you'll be 6 months in just 3 short weeks.

I had the honor of witnessing baby John enter the world (quilt above) and words cannot describe how incredible it was.  I'm hoping for a VBAC with our daughter but then I'll be experiencing it (which will also be interesting I'm sure) and not just observing...I was and continue to be so blessed to be a part of his story!

Big boy Luke needed a quilt the same style as his 2 big brothers and I was happy to oblige his mother's request.  I included things that reminded me of this outdoor loving and active family.  Bikes, nature, the sea!

Miss Elliot Ann...we can't wait to meet wrap you in this very rare girlie quilt.  Your big brother didn't have his quilt until he was 6 months old...but you're taking your sweet time in there...waiting to make a grand entrance I'm sure.  We are ready!

All this quilt making definitely has me wondering when and for whom I'll be making more ;)


Brianne said...


Kristen Gough said...

So gorgeous and such incredible gifts!! Thank you for blessing our boys each with a special and unique work of art, made with love! Evan, Miles, and Luke use their quilts everyday/night!

Rachel said...

These are all so beautiful. I love that you take such care for each one, and I feel so lucky to have three that so perfectly reflect each member of my family. Thank you! And I can't wait to meet my new niece!

Rebekah said...

Your work is amazing Jenny and always such an incredible and highly anticipated addition to each new member of the family!! We love all of the quilts you have made for our family over the years, thank you for sharing your skilzzzzz :) with us! (a tad sad I won't be getting another one) Can't wait to meet Elliot on Sunday :)!

Angela King said...

wow! these are so gorgeous. such talent you have! :)


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