Thursday, February 14, 2013


{1 month}
{2 months}
{3 months}

Our little miss is a 1/4 way through her first year and I don't want to forget (in no particular order)...

- she slept in our bed for her first 2 months of was like she needed that memory foam mattress pad- little princess
- she was a hairy little thing (which my Dad says was the same for me) on her shoulders and behind the ears :)
-  she was an amazing sleeper from the beginning...waking up just once or twice in the night...until she started teething- oi vey
- she is extremely ticklish and laughed for the first time two days after Christmas because I tickled her
- she laughed and smiled in her sleep long before she did either awake
- there's a drawing of Wes' that will make her smile EVERY time she looks at it, even if she's in the middle of crying
- her little hands often smell like spoiled milk since she's always munching on them
- she definitely takes a binkie (the nuk kind) but she's not addicted to it...I'm thinking it will be an easy habit to break
- in the beginning when she first started smiling she saved most of them for Daddy
- she rolled from her tummy to her back...just once and probably a fluke...but she did it
- her favorite way to be held is standing up on your lap
- she used to take her naps in a bassinet down on our main floor, she wouldn't even startle when Wes yelled...and it was so great having her so close- now she naps in her cradle upstairs
- she's a thrill seeker and enjoys being hung upside down and swung by her feet (by daddy, mommy isn't a fan)
- like her big brother she's a slim little thing (but tall)- Jeff calls her a skinned rabbit
- her eyes turned brown right blue or grey for these peepers
- she poops a lot, unlike her brother who would go 7 days without doing it at this age (I'm kind of baffled by it)
- she has an "explosive" cry- one minute sleeping and the next yelling out...she used to fall right back to sleep afterwards, just loud enough to wake me up and she even gave her Aunt Rachel a scare once crying out unexpectedly
- she actually has a really loud voice, especially when compared to her brother's baby pterodactyl cry when he was a baby

She is filling our lives with so much joy and sweetness. Writing this post has me realizing how quickly this year will fly by and I'm freaking out about it a little bit...I just love her so much and want to savor every minute of my tiny baby before I fully realize who she is going to become...before walking and talking...and disobeying ;)


Rachel said...

This is so sweet! I can't believe how time flies. I was just imagining what it will be like when all these kids are teenagers in a few years. That's going to be a trip. I'm glad you're able to stop and savor and record your thoughts for a moment. You'll be glad you did later, and so will Elliot.

Kristen Gough said...

Loved reading this this morning! So many great little details. You're such a good mom, Jenny!


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