Thursday, April 04, 2013

Capturing Our Blessings

Back in November, just a week after our sweet Elliot was born, I joined my 3 sisters-in-law in a photo project called "Capturing Our Blessings" which was hosted HERE.

I loved finding the small blessings in each day and it wasn't hard with a new baby, a 4 year olds birthday, a visit from my best friend, and thanksgiving all in one glorious month.  I never knew I liked November so much!

And though I am a bit late (4 months) in posting this I wanted to record here the majority of my captures...done with my iphone...will I ever use my real camera again?

1- 4 full towel hooks...we have waited a long time for that!
2- sweet feet
3- crossfit with daddy
4- our little bean
5- my first outing to pick up Wes from school (I locked my keys in my car that day and Kristen came to my rescue)
6- my mug collection...makes me happy!
7- Wes' preschool and the truth
8- Wes is thankful for...
9- happy son (sun)
10- Elliot's rag rug (still not completed!)
11- cute even when she's mad
12- pudding snacks for preschool birthday celebration
13- birthday morning (his birthday  is on the 15th, these dates aren't lining up)
14- nursery decorations
15- crocodile cupcakes for his peter pan movie party
16- Evolution Fresh- yum!
17- morning light
18- Thanksgiving performance
19- Jane comes to visit! (come back)
20- Grandmas!
21- Elle + Hank
22- two kiddos on Santa's lap
23- Wes gets a tree for his room
24- gorgious Fall colors
25- Katrina and our cherished group nap time (miss you)


katrina said...

miss you. i love your blessings & so happy i was one of them. you are a blessing & nap time at your house is missed by all of us... that was a beautiful window of sleeping kids/ girl time...until our next family vacation or visit

Kristen Gough said...

I loved doing this with you this last year, Jenny--such a blessing in and of itself to mark our blessings each day alongside one another. I love what you captured! A full and beautiful month of life. xoxo


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