Wednesday, September 04, 2013

7 recipes we LOVE

I've been wanting to come up with a list of "go to" recipes that the whole family loves and I think I've narrowed it down to a weeks worth of delicious home cooked meals.  My favorite part of pinterest is finding recipes...trying them out...and then deciding if it's a keeper.

So here is the fruit of my labor...if you're looking for something to make for dinner...try one of these!

 Lazy Day  Casserole- I serve this with a's simple and delicious and the fennel really sets it apart. I like the italian seasoning touch, it makes it a bit different then my normal roasted veggies with olive oil.
 Beef + Broccoli- This comes from Stonesoups 5 ingregdient 10 minute meals...and it's a real winner with Wes.  I usually forget the cilantro but it does add more flavor and sometimes I even squeeze a bit of lime.  Served with coconut rice it's a complete meal!

Maple Dijon Chicken- A huge hit with the fellas (as the site says) but it's critical to use fresh rosemary (IMHO) and I like to serve this with Israeli Couscous (what don't I like to serve that with) but it's also great with a little roasted kid likes veggies!

Chicken Marbella- This has been a staple long before pinterest...I typically make it for  new moms...the mix of flavors make this a savory sweet sensation.  I never use the whole chicken, just 8 or so breasts and serve it with that famous couscous :)
 Linguine with Shrimp- My MIL ( a big barefoot contessa fan) introduced me to this recipe...and the cooked lemon had me at first squeeze!
Paleo Chicken with "Peanut" Sauce- I'm not paleo but that didn't stop me from trying this recipe out and I'm so glad I did.  Served over grilled chicken, accompanied by roasted broccoli...yum, yum, yum.  Coconut rice often makes an the couscous I kind of can't get enough!
Balsamic Onion Pot Roast- I don't bother searing I just dump and go...maybe even add a few baby carrots.  It is critical to make the gravy at the end though...and then I transform the leftovers into shepard's pie with mashed potatoes and a bag of frozen peas, corn and carrots.

Ok, hope you enjoy, I know we do!


Lindsey Burgess said...

THANK YOU. I am pretty much the WORST at dinner. And just want someone to tell me what to do. I will benefit from the fruits of your labor for sure! Thank you! Hope you guys are doing well! - Lindsey

Katie said...

those are some of our favorites too! i'm making the pot roast and lazy sunday casserole this week! your tried and true board is one of my favorite places to go for recipes!

Rachel said...

Oh this is great! I also love your tried and true board. :)

Jenny said...

Thanks guys! All this encouragement just makes me want to try out more recipes!

Casey said...

I've made the roast and the maple dijon chicken....and I couldn't agree more! Love looking at your tried and true board too Jenny :) I've had way too many pinterest recipe fails, so it's always nice to try something that I know tastes yummy!

Jocy May said...

Made the maple dijon chicken over the weekend- sooooo good! Thanks for sharing these recipes!


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