Friday, June 13, 2014

10 on 10 :: June :: 2014

This 10th of June found me 2 photos food coloring on the couch, a broken bowl, a husband with the stomach bug...the day didn't start out well!  But Meme came to save the day and I was able to run errands for a Bible Study that I'm facilitating at my church that began this week.  I was so thankful that I prepared during this time...cause I caught the stomach bug the next day and it threatened to have me down for the count.  But a timely playdate for Wes and 3.5 hour naps for me and Elliot was just what my body needed to recover- talk about a blessing!  The weather has been amazing in Seattle but as I type this it drizzles outside (my garden is thankful) and I'm hoping it holds off this evening as we head over to Wesley's school (next year he starts Kindergarten) for a carnival- hooray!  Despite being sick this week I ran a 5k the morning at the gym, PR time (not that I'll mention it hear cause it's still abysmal) and I'm feeling pretty good about that!

Time to get in gear for this whole "summer vacation thing"- thinking of making a summer bucket list and looking for some ideas!

-Taco Tuesdays
-Renton water park
-Backyard campout
-Lego Movie end of preschool party
-Family bike ride
-Discovery Park picnic
-Water balloon fight
-Homemade ice cream & popsicles
-Trip to Chelan or Suncadia
-Watermelon smoothie dispenser
-Go berry picking
-Play a lawn game (ladder ball?)

That's all for now!

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