Saturday, September 09, 2006

if a tree falls in the woods...

Good thing this is a neighborhood!!

While I was away my little Jeffy had the lone tree from his yard removed (kind of sad really). It was a necessity for a beautiful green lawn. You see, the needles from this Diadora Cedar had too much acid and were not only killing the lawn in Jeff's yard but also that of his neighbor (how rude!). So, without further delay Jeff called Abor Tree Care (who seemed like they could CARE less)and had them remove the tree.

Here is a picture of before (I rather like it):

And a picture of during:

To be continued...(when the lawn is so manicured that you wouldn't even suspect that a Diadora Cedar was there in the first place)


Kristen said...

did you have a chance to count the rings to see how old the tree was? it's great to see these photos--i can't wait to see the "after" shots (or see it in person)!

Jenny said...

Kristen - Jeff here. Jenny and I both, indepently, arrived at 47 rings on one of the trunks (there were three of them). Great question. Keep 'em coming! Stay true to yourself.


Casey in Seattle... said...

Hi Jenny! How fun that you used to work at Fireworks too. ;o)

Tom and I totally plan on being at Sunset Tavern tomorrow night, so we will see you and Jeff there. Yay!


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