Sunday, June 17, 2007

Catching Up

Well, it's been a long time since I've sat down and really thought about blogging. I've been getting lazy and simply sending photos from mine or Jeff's cell phone. But I must tell you, I love this feature!

Anyway, it's been quite a busy few months getting settled into my new home, my new job, my new NAME. ;) Things at the Gough house are going well. I'm enjoying turning this once bachelor pad (ok, so it never really was that- I've always had my hand in things) into our home. I'm quickly realizing that as a home owner there's always something more to do and I'm starting to get discouraged that it will never be done. I do, however, have hope and determination!

Here are a list of projects I've been working on (hopefully this will make me feel accomplished):

-Unpacking wedding gifts and finding a place for them. We were generously blessed!
-Stripping paint off doors we bought at the Re-Store to turn into a headboard for our bed
-Slowly moving my belongings over from my parents house (I'm still not completely moved out!!)
-Creating a "garage sale" pile and loving the process of downsizing or at least purging
-Turning one of the bedrooms into "OUR" craft room. More on that later. The craft table was a wedding present from Jeff- I love how supportive he is of my hobbies! Here's a before photo.
-Picking out paint colors for the laundry room- a pale mint green, and bonus room- a gray/green/blue and olive green (for the cove that will house Jeff's desk)
-Planting an herb garden with the help of Rebekah (she gave me all of the herbs AND planted more than half) Thanks so much! I love using fresh herbs in my cooking and I've already been enjoying them. I have- basil, oregano, dill, thyme, cilantro, rosemary, lemon balm, peppermint, and sage. Anyone have any favorite herbs?
-Co-hosting a "gender reveal party" with my friend Katie for "Baby Courter"- It's a boy!
-Finishing a quilt I've been working on with Keri for my friend Laura who got married last Fall. Keri and I started it in October- we took our time ;)

Ok, I feel great...thanks for letting me share.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Is it wrong that I'm already looking forward to the weekend?


simonsenfamily said...

Thanks for the post! I love seeing the pitures of your work area and herb garden. So good seeing you at the family functions this week as well.

You know... I think you have a particular "style" with your quilting that is really cool. You should take your show on the road:) It looks like something you could market at a specialty or high-end baby store.

Jenny said...

thanks heidi.

the quilting style is a blend of mine, keri's and a really incredible professional named denise schmidt. But you can't patent a quilt style, right?

Jocy May said...

LOVE the blog post and pictures. thanks for the update. i too love that quilting style- a modern take.

Aleah said...

I didn't know you quilted! Not until I saw these beautiful pictures of them here!
I feel like the there's always something to do repair wise for our home also..or stuff we'd like to do!
Good luck on the painting - sounds like a pretty color.

Mandy said...

Wow, Jenny! I'm so impressed! I'm completely jealous of your crafting table- that's awesome! You'll have to let me know when you have a garage sale- I LOVE garage sales!
Random thing: Matt & I did the same thing for a headboard- used an old door!

Ryan & Katie said...

I love the quilt! And the craft table is so great. Good job Jeff! Can't wait to see all the great crafts that happen on that table!


Kristen said...

you are getting so much done, jenny! i bet it feels good. thanks for sharing your thoughts, your photos. i always love seeing a new post from you!

Brianne said...

I cannot believe I will soon be 'crafting' at that beautiful table with you!!! When Scott and I get a house we will definately be seeking your home decor advise- you have made a wonderful home Jenny!

Casey said...

what a lovely quilt! :) And what's this "Our" craft room? No longer just yours huh? Is Jeff going to be crafting his little heart out beside you?

Scott said...

Jenny- Your craft room looks great, but weren't some paintings gifted to you for that room to be prominently displayed?

amyrenee said...

Holy Crap, Jenny. You make me feel lazy. :) Next time visit, I expect the house to be in tip top shape with lotsa new colors!


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