Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I'm looking forward to properly reflecting on this last year...but for now I just wanted to say...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2007 was a big one for us and I'm going to miss it. Hope everyone has an even better 2008!


La Dolce Vita said...

Happy new year Jenny and Jeff! I hope you'll have a fantastic 2008!

- Mario & Ely

Casey said...

Happy New Year Jeff and Jenny! :)

Ilse said...

Fun picture - happy new year!

Ms. W said...

Thanks for the message, Jenny. I am very excited as to what plans are in my future, actually, especially since I know they involve Seattle, my family, a new job, and a kitty (hopefully)! :)

By the way, I have the best photo on my camera phone and I wanted to upload it today, but, alas, there is no Verizon tower in the state of Mississippi. Crazy, huh?

Finally, where are photos of your place??? I'm so curious. :)

Ryan & Katie said...

twas a good one wasn't it?!?!?!? here's to 2008, cheers!!!

Baby Courter said...

Hey Jenny,
I'm alive :) It's been a crazy last 2007, but we're excited for 08 and what it holds for us Courters!
Let's get together, yeah! I'm open.
p.s.-woah! the kylers really stepped out on a limb by using 'twas' NOT in regards to a Christmas story or even during Christmastime. way to go guys!

kaseburg said...

what a cool pic Jenny! You are the best person I know with a camera...such talent;)

Happy New Year; a bit late. Things have been really busy...I cheated on my blog and just did 4 last night- but I changed the dates to look like I was keeping up!! LOL!


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