Friday, March 07, 2008

Talk About Random...

I was tagged by Mandy to disclose 7 random things about myself. So here goes...

1) I get goose bumps AND tear up when I hear a scary story, mostly if they involve the super-natural, children, and old homes. I'll even tear up if I'm the one telling the story and I know how it ends, it's pretty bad. I've only found one other person who has this same reaction and I LOVE torturing him. Is that wrong?

2) I'm not sure if this goes along with the first...but I startle easily. My teachers would say it's because I concentrate so hard, because whenever they would pass out a test and I'd begin they'd inevitably have to tell the class "one last thing" and it would scare the crap out of me. I guess I like to be left alone while I'm working. Most people I work with learn this about me right away and take every opportunity to make me jump out of my seat. My first reaction is always to hit, I guess I'm a 'fight' in the fight or flight equation. So look out!

3) I like to wash my bangs twice a day, once when I shower and once after work. Must be the Mediterranean heritage...but I hate oily/separated bangs. I think I must have a little bit of OCD in me.

4) I can fall asleep anytime and anywhere. In fact, this past week I was with my Mom at the hospital and I fell asleep in her room while she was getting an ultrasound (no she's not pregnant ;)). Jeff's not particularly fond of this trait as I am always falling asleep during movies- even in the theater.

5) I LOVE beets- roasted, pickled, magenta, golden, you name it! I love the way they taste, look, and make me feel like I must be eating something really healthy. I'm baffled by the magenta color that God created in nature- they're beautiful! And, and interesting side-bar- they make your pee pink ;)

6) Some people are "shoe" people, I'm a "coat & purse" person. I have plenty of both, but seem compelled to buy more.

7) Inspired by our church, Jeff and I have decided to read the entire Bible aloud in our new home. We have just begun and are only at Genesis Chapter 3, but I'm excited by this challenge and love the idea that every word of the Bible will be spoken in the place we hope to call home for a very long time. Is anyone else up for the challenge?

And on another random note...a possum ran into our garage while Jeff was pulling in the other night. Somehow it managed to get on top of a door that's being stored in there. We were probably out there for about an hour trying to get it down without getting attacked. Eventually it came down, but remained hidden in our garage so we had to leave the garage door open all night. He's gone now and I kind of miss him...

So, I tag- Katie D, Jocelyn, & Jane. I've really been enjoying reading everyone's random tidbits so I hope you ladies will participate too! Love you.


Eliza said...

Fun to read, Jenny! I love possum sneaking into you garage--they're such funny creatures. It was great to read #4 as I am the same way & can literally fall asleep anywhere in no amount of time. It tends to annoy & amuse my husband also. :)

Jesse said...

i love the picture of the possum! so cute :) maybe he'll come back!

Kristen said...

kyle and i enjoyed reading your list! and kyle was especially interested in the possum; i, on the other hand, really couldn't handle looking at those photos. possums really creep me out! when i see them in real life i can't take my eyes off of's like i freeze or something. also, when i was out running in the dark one early morning during college one ran out right in front of me and i literally was so gross! i know eliza and jesse both thought he was cute...i'm sorry i disagree! maybe if you and jeff adopt him as a pet, if he returns, i'll warm up to the idea of possums being cute... but probably not.

Aleah said...

They're cute faced, but those tails....YUK!
That's a great idea about reading the Bible out loud in your home.
It was fun reading your 7!

Jenny said...

believe me..i thought the possum was creepy..but also a little sad. He couldn't quite remember how he'd gotten up there and it was torture watching him struggle up on those doors.

We will NOT be adopting him! yuck.


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